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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how net resistance islow in star connection and viseversa in delta connection...? if anybody could explain in detail it wud be helpful.


All the socket in a room become very hot, the Wall was also became very hot and the earth conductor also became live, what in your view might be the possible causes?


As we know diode work on both negative and positive but converting ac into DC we have to given a/c from negative of diode or positive side.please give me answer.



Which types of gate insttaled in static switch. Please give me answer.



How to calculate the size of cables (all minium/copper) for a particular load

BSL, Galaxy Power System,

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Can we use 1.1x 2 split air-conditioning at a same time in 2kw power loadar

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what is breathing?



Why silica gel use?


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What is corona loss?


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what is impedance?


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What are Line losses and how can be it minimized/controlled.?

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Incoming line 11kv And transformer capacity is 2500kva. Consumption load is 1300A. Then fuse capacity is 11kv line.

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Define the three phase formula fuse.

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how to find under ground cable fault ??? if our cable size is 95*4 then what will load capacity with far mull


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What is AMP and KA in a MCCB and MCB

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why dimmerstate always connected in star connection? what will happen if it connected in delta?


When we connect the large capacitor bank in series ?


how test transfomer(3 phase75kva) by megger


which motor have relatively high power factor and what is reason for have high pf? 1.capacitor run motor 2.shaded pole motor 3.capacitor start motor 4.split phase motor


What are the function of different components of servo motor?


various transmission tower like .,D tower ,K.C.O tower ,C.C.O tower,K.C.R tower ,C.C.R tower ,H.C.O tower in different tons.


why power not passes in plastic and rubber material


pls tell me about ups internal connection & we have given only 3 phase supply to ups system how get 4 wire (R Y B N )


hi....I am from india..i have completed my engineering in electrical and electronics field with 58.4% and my IELTS score is 5.5 bands....Recently i received my I-20 in computer and information science from Troy university in Alabama.On 18th i have a visa interview can u please tell me what type of questions i have to answer ??????


What will be the size of copper cable (each for 3 phase and 1 neutral) from Service connection Kit-Kat to Panel Board (i.e. to main switch) for a 6 pole 3-phase AC induction motor of 200 H.P. capacity? Amp-255 A, Frequency:- 1450 rpm.


Why the power factor improvement is so important in industrial loads


In all analog voltmeters or ammeter showing some small size symbols. as well as a star and in star 2no. digit, resister symbol,and other. what is that's meaning ?


What are the advantages of vscf wind electrical system?


. What is Electrical Life & Mechanical Life of Circuit Breaker? 2. What is Electrial Life & Mechanical Life of Magnetic Contactor? 3. What is RCD, RCCB & RCBO? 4. What is the Between defferance of RCD, RCCB & RCBO?


if i am in front of transmission line how to know that current direction without any equipment