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Omega Interview Questions
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After recuperating from a gunshot wound to the buttocks resulting from a hunting accident, your patient exhibits a positive Trendelenburg's sign. Explain.


tell me about your self

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what can you contribute in this company

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Tell me about ur college life?

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what marchent nevi all solve paper

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I can speak in english, but i did speak correct sentance formation. How can i correct it ? Please give Ans.

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how to reverse a string with out using string or predefined function,ex:string is " i love india". the output should be like this "i evol aidni"

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write a C program:There is a mobile keypad with numbers 0-9 and alphabets on it. Take input 0f 7 keys and then form a word from the alphabets present on the keys.

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how can found motors folt current ? how can disided circuit breakers caoicity and breaking capicity ?


Please guide in details about Payroll in Tally.erp9??


which part of spleen develops from endoderm?

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What is meant by sotf,lbb,power swing,pole discrepency,auto reclose?

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What are Common values of digital image parameters?


What are Line losses and how can be it minimized/controlled.?

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