Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is tie-beam?where it used?

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how to calculate the steel quantity for beams & columns also footing net? what is the formulae for calculate the steel quantity? what is mean by (100.3)plinth level?what is mean by 100.3? explained it?

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?


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what is the shuttering normal clear cover for footings, walls, beams & columnms

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how many reputations of ply wood for concrete works can be used?

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what are co-efficient for jacks, acro spans and runners for slabs per sft?

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For G+4 storied building having 76000 sft per each floor, can you prepare schedule in such a way that structure should be completed with in 41/2 months and finishing be completed with in 51/2 months?

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How is rate analysis prepared for M 25 grade of concrete?

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1. How do you handle non-productive team members?

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what is pure bending.

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Why should you show Client/Engineer activities clearly on the project plan?


What is the exact meaning for under & over reinforced beams & when they have to used..

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What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work?



what is the proportion of m20 grde concrete? also how much water is required for this proportions? As there were any formula for water-quantity?

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why we are placing the beam under the plinth wall?

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how i get all type of short type question answer about civil engg


relation bet Coefficient consolidation Cv, time factor Tv, drainage path d, & time t is Cv=d2Tv/t Cv=d2t/Tv Cv=tTv/d2 Cv=Tv/td2


Why are steel plates inserted inside bearings in elastomeric bearings?


How much 1 cum of M15, M20 & M25 concrete weigh?


I need old MMUP exam question and answer for Civil engineering


How to calculate construction cost of residential building in mumbai


what is the types of door's wood?


Hi how r u ? hope you are fine there . Please can u tell me tha Design life of Buildings as Per ACI CODE 318-99. It will be a pleasure for me .Thanks in advance


Basic questions of civil engineering


Would you cause a 55-gallon drum of water to weigh more by climbing in?


How much cement and water required for cement selery????


hai, kindly send anyone for output workers format details for construction project in foundation to finishing.


Minimum concrete cover in slabs, columns, beams, foundation and other st?


what is thumb rule for calculating the size of ISMB required for a particular length of span


beam length 73 feet 4 inch,width 01 feet,height 50 inch so every beam load how much? and what quantity of M.S ROD? both side ony two column in middle no column.pls inform me that this is stable or not ? and how much risk of this beam?