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what is tie-beam?where it used?

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how to calculate the steel quantity for beams & columns also footing net? what is the formulae for calculate the steel quantity? what is mean by (100.3)plinth level?what is mean by 100.3? explained it?

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?


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what is the shuttering normal clear cover for footings, walls, beams & columnms

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how many reputations of ply wood for concrete works can be used?

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what are co-efficient for jacks, acro spans and runners for slabs per sft?

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For G+4 storied building having 76000 sft per each floor, can you prepare schedule in such a way that structure should be completed with in 41/2 months and finishing be completed with in 51/2 months?

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How is rate analysis prepared for M 25 grade of concrete?

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1. How do you handle non-productive team members?

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what is pure bending.

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Why should you show Client/Engineer activities clearly on the project plan?


What is the exact meaning for under & over reinforced beams & when they have to used..

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What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work?



what is the proportion of m20 grde concrete? also how much water is required for this proportions? As there were any formula for water-quantity?

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why we are placing the beam under the plinth wall?

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Bitumen grades are 30-40,60-70, 80-100. what is mean by 30- 40


how much one carpenter can doing shuttering of slab in one day


what are RIB slabs explain about it


150mm bricks size how many use 4.14 m3


Journal entry Gross salary 10000 Tax 1000 Employee contribution 2000 Employer contribution 2000


i just want to know how much require sand and cement for 1 including wastage. Please guide me as soon as possible. 


Howmuch bend to be provide for 200/600 BEEM


What are the govt approvals required for starting of power project. means from initial site grading and excavation work.exm. blasting in hard rock, deep excavation, cut off trees from site.


is it fair to recruit another prestressing agency once earlier agency has provided guide cone for post stressing the Concrete -I girders? It is observed that the bearing plate of another agency is not matching with the earlier one resulting in protruded strands after stressing from the face of girder. Kindly advice.


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residential buildings,mixing of concrete,structural,construction material,site handling.


What is the frequency of sampling for the materials of cement,Fine aggregate, Coarse aggregate .and refer which code


how u design STAGING for Superstructure in BRIDGE construction?


how much concrete solid/hollow block are manufacture per 50 kg cement bag in differnent sizes like 400x200x200mm, 400x200x150mm, 400x200x100mm. And need proper ratio as per sale quantity. pls send my mail searching last two years not yet get pls find and enclosed pls. need practical analysis.


what is the difference between prime coat and tack coat in road construction