Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is tie-beam?where it used?

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how to calculate the steel quantity for beams & columns also footing net? what is the formulae for calculate the steel quantity? what is mean by (100.3)plinth level?what is mean by 100.3? explained it?

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?


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what is the shuttering normal clear cover for footings, walls, beams & columnms

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how many reputations of ply wood for concrete works can be used?

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what are co-efficient for jacks, acro spans and runners for slabs per sft?

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For G+4 storied building having 76000 sft per each floor, can you prepare schedule in such a way that structure should be completed with in 41/2 months and finishing be completed with in 51/2 months?

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How is rate analysis prepared for M 25 grade of concrete?

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1. How do you handle non-productive team members?

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what is pure bending.

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Why should you show Client/Engineer activities clearly on the project plan?


What is the exact meaning for under & over reinforced beams & when they have to used..

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What are the delays in construction projects due to approvals from owners? How can we analyze them in different prospective? Whats their affects and effects on presently going work?



what is the proportion of m20 grde concrete? also how much water is required for this proportions? As there were any formula for water-quantity?

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why we are placing the beam under the plinth wall?

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rate analysis hiring of generator 62.5 KVA


if i used salt as a add mixture in concrete, then what will happen and what are the naturally available add mixtures.


1m square 20mm plastering how much of water need curing work


660 square fit two story house make totally how much cement, sant, brick,aggregate, steel totally how much need


1.what is the mix proportion for cement soil compressed earth blocks? to calculate the mix proportion for cement stablised earth soil blocks?


whou haat goals do you have in your career


how to identify the failure of building by expansive soils


what are the grades of concrete?where and or what purpose a particular grade is used in a particular structure?


5. Do you feel that your present employer estimates your full work potential? Are they pleased with your work performance?


50 acre of land to be reclaimed for an average height of 2.5 mt. Dredging area is 500mx200m size. what is the dredging depth required to reclaim the area?


whaat is blister in box girder bridge and what is its function..


how many tonnes equals to one cubic feet?


What is the procedure of concealed plumbing in toilets?


types of survey and levelling instrument ?


asubmerged weir is one in which the water level on the down stream side of the weir is just at the crest level below the crest level above the crest level at stamp elevation as water surface on upstream