Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mean by splice length? As there were any formula to calculate the splice lenght?

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what does the track parameter mean in


Clarify the out turn of steel fixer in construction field

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Kindly post me previous year interview questions with answer for post of DY. Manager (civil engg.) for GAIL, NTPC, IOC, OIL and ONGC etc.

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water leak detection system question & answer


whatis the banafit of water leak detection and repair?

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how will i find leakage in underground?

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what is pure bending

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what is the cover used for footings, columns, beams ??? why they differ & how they arrive??

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how we can prevent freshly laid concrete from rain ,, What the plastering thickness for a) inner brickwork b) outer brickwork c) beams & slabs


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which type of cement is used for RCC construction?Why?

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What is the actual consumption of bindingwire Per MT for multi-storied housing construction

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Of all curing compounds available, can they use compounds with micro silica in lieu of water? Why?

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Difference between Hydro Pneumatic and Gravity system of water supply in a building?

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What the approval that owner will give to contractor during construction project period? What will the affect on project if delays due approvals?

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how is the reinforcement is distributed in triangular slab


primary treatment of sewagw consist of removal of floating materials removal of sand & grit removal of organic materials all above


I have to conduct load test on greting cover, pressure gauge is in kg cm2, how to caluculate load on this greting cover.


How much the quantity of Dry material of Crush for 1:2:4 Concrete, using pan 3/8'' down....


What are the disadvantages while using stone dust as filler in pavements?


Formula for calculating the volume of bulb in underreamed pile


Reinforcement details at hinged joint


which steel is better for residential building tmt steel or hysd steel


How to calculate the weight of sand am 20mm course aggregate in 1 c.m M25 concrete Which use 400 kg of cement ?


what are the forces acting on gantry girder


I Want To Know Quantity of Cement Conc. & Sand in Column of 9"x9"x10'


what is your role of in previous company as a construction manager


while doing the structural works of a simple ground+1 villa, can the columns be continued immediately after neck columns without tie beam, while the tie beam to be done after columns concreting.


"how can we find the approximate quantity of materials using in a building or total Expenditure in percentage for rough estimate after known the construction area(sqm)".please if you know something about that please post the answer.


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