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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / siva

“A column constructed for site ease purpose. It may not
considered in the design phase” or ”A column designed in not
to take any load at the end of construction it will take load
during construction only”. In some cases it will be removed
after completion of main structure.

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / mseenivasan


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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / ceinterview

the column constructed for temporaly and it does not carry load

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / shakir

THE PART OF Rcc column which which construct in footing to
out above plinth level or ground level or can say dummy
column is the base of column of rcc column

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / jitender kumar mishra

the dummy column is mackeing far bulding sow he is not
carry the load

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What is called dummy column, & what its uses ?..

Answer / suku

What is called Plinth Beam & what its Primary Uses,

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