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Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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sir when can we expect the AEE results and when will be the interviews sheduled please guide us in this regard thanking you



What is the capacity of Maharashtra in power generation by winds?

MPSC, State Bank Of India SBI,

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what is poissons ration of steel?

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Is Sugar a retardar or accelator or plasctizer?

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what are the criteria for choosing the span for the bridge (highway bridge)

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Why we do design mix of concrete when there is nominal method using the IS-Code available ?

Engineers India Limited,

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wat happens to the foundation when only live & dead loads are considered( wind load is excluded) during the design of tall structures. options are: a)only settlement in the internal structure and not external structure b)only settlement in the external structure and not internal structure c)no differential settlement d)none of the above

BBJ Construction, IOCL,

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what is the depth of a pile foundation??density of wood?? nominal mix ratios for different grades of concrete? effect of earthquake on structures? bending moment and shear force diagrams and also learn to find out the is under water concreting done??



Sir please Bhel Enigineer trainy test papaers in civil engineering


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I need Bhel engineertrainy test papers in civil engineering please send to email id -


How many times one TMT bars bents & straight upto not broken the bar.


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can u plz send me ntpc placement papers(civil engineering) at and which types of questions are aked by ntpc


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why do you desire to change from your current position?

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What is meant by 'zero value' in quantity surveying.

DLS, Gammon, HCC, NCC,

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explain yourself?

Infosys, Omaxe, Siscom, TCE,

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Un-Answered Questions { Civil Engineering }

What is the standard rate of installing ties for column(60cmx60cm) and beams(50x850)(weight)


What is the procedure and technnology behind jointing of prestessed block in Delhi metro rail project.


is concealed wiring a problem in fly ash brick wall?


What Are The Steps Involved In The Concreting Process, Explain?


why the openings of sieves are square io size?


HDPE pipe standard bends using for TSE irrigation? is it possible to use 30 degree?


What are the main reasons for conducting pull-out tests for soil nails?


Mention what are the composition of a landfill?


sir when can we expect the AEE results and when will be the interviews sheduled please guide us in this regard thanking you


How did street originate in the plumbing term street ell?


Dear Sir, I work in hydro project. I want to hire Scorpio/ Bolero on monthly basis. But how can i justified its amount (Hourly basic). Please solve my problem


Explain what are the skills required to become an architect?


how to calculate the material from ratio of work PCC, RRM,POINTING, RCC


please give me the rates of RCC(CUM), PCC(CUM), Brick Work(CUM), Tile Flooring, Saria Shuttering


What are the reasons for geotechnical site investigations in uganda?