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what is ratio of M40?

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For raft 3000mm thickness with T25150 mesh reinf in top and bottom what diameter can be used for chair to support mesh reinforcement

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Why we provide hair pin for shed



you are working as a QC in hihg rise building. when what"s ur responsibilities works?

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how many cement use for 1cum concrete for 25Grade.


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How to calculate the amount of cement & sand required for plastering work with ratio 1:4 please give me an answer with detailed step.

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what are the minimum compressive strength required for the concrete cube for different grades & different days .Please give me an answer.

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why the cracks occurs in NP3 class Hume Pipe ? And what is bearing capacity of it?


How can we compact the soil on slope portion? What is the Grade II of Stone Metal?What type tests carried out on BBM road?

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whate the size of bricks are avalable at site

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A ground is nonengginered fill 15 years back; how we can find the level of consolidation and bearing capacity

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what"s the responsibilities for QC(quality controler)in high rise buildings?

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9*9 1:4:8 ratio using how to calculate the material for 40mm aggregate ,cement &sand please tell me answer

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Is the ratio fixed for M-20,M-25,M-30,M-35....grades of concrete??

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how can we determine the quantity of steel bars in a structure? is there any formula for determing the number of bars required ?


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How good are the Weinerberger Porotherm bricks that are being used in construction in Chennai, India. Its being used in non load bearing walls and has a compressive strength greater that 35 kg/cm^2 and a density of approx.694 - 783 kg/m3.


what is the difference between natural draught cooling tower and induced draught cooling tower


What is the standard unit weight of Cast Iron pipe of 200MM Dia.(pipe specification is IS1538)


Can anybody explain with the help of sketeches that what are 2legged , four legged & 6legged stirrups and how to calculate cut length of diamond ring(stirrups)?


what should be RCC material i.e iron rod(mm)x cement x stone x sand for laying of slab L 42'x B 22'x tk 0.375ft = 1nos & column of H 17'x15"x8" 2nos.


1) a)to prepare mortar for bricklaying how much amount of water should be added for its maximum strength and workability(to avoid cracks which results, when high quantity of water is added)?is their a formula or ratio? b) suppose we want to make 1:3 mortar,what is the best way to measure cement ,sand and water and how? c)time before which freshly prepared mortar should be used? d)proper way to mix and make mortar? e)when should curing start after laying bricks and for how long?and also how many hours per day? f)what is shear wall (please in terms of layman lol) bookish definisions are confusing.... g) and last,acc to codes what are max no. of course that should be laid in a day.


What are your future hopes for this job?




how to do sudoko puzaals?


how to design and calculate materail quantity for concrete speedbreaker ?


How to calculate density of 40 mm coarse aggregate, in mixing ration 1:1.5:3? Please explain calculation for density


how to calculate detail quantity of bricks and mortar for 500 cu.ft masonry work. consider wall thickness 9 inches


Minimum and maximum size of the building components


1.How much batten required for 1 sqm Shuttering. much pipe & clamps required for staging of 100 sqm shuttering at 5.0 m height.


i need the syllabus for the direcr recruitement of executive engineers in andhrapradesh