Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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9*9 1:4:8 ratio using for p cc work please tell quantity 40mm aggregate ,sand &cement


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what is the meaning of morth

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9*9m 1:4:8 ratio using what quantity of 40mm aggregate, sand&cement please tell anwser


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How much does it cost for a R.C.C roof slab of size (25 X 20) given in feets using 1:2:4 concrete mix of M20?

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tell me quantitys of matal, sand and cement in 1:4:8 and 1:2:4

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What is the Content in RCC M 35 Grade e.g water content,sand,metal ,cement etc.

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1) why bent up are provided at l/4 or l/5 distance not at l/8or l/10? 2) why extras are provided in beams at top and why upto 0.3l distance max.? 3) why chairs are provided in two way slab?


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how many m3, mason should done per day if he going to build 4.5 inch brick work(partition wall)?


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How Mney Layers in 8mm plywood

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Which is default or standard size of tiles used in dado bathroom

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Whr is use tierod???what is standard size of it

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what is the cement mortor thickness for 23 cm brick work and 11.5 brickwork?

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What salary do you expect? to a 10 yrs experienced civil engineer?

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what is the difference between linear and curved elements?

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compare the cost of construction of a building by cement and one in which cement is substituted by fly ash.

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What is the coeffiencent Friction Angle between Steel and Ashphalt?


How much of the strength of concrete comes from post- production curing?


What is soil enforcement?


i have span of 6m x 4m how do i calculate the reinforcement of steel i needed and to at what distance and also the thickness of slab. looking forward thank you RAVI


Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided.


Trapezoidal section footing calculation of Volume & its Area


Moisture content calculation for diff mix ratio's ??


how i get all type of short type question answer about civil engg


Define What is made from large rocks, which protects the base of cliffs?


what is parametre for M25 after 7 days strength


Formula of area of crane hook


i want to ecil (Electronics Corporation of India Limited Hyderabad) previous civil engineering question papers immediately please.............


Explain what is change order request?


what are the challenges of being a team leader and a supervisor?


what will be the total emoluments for deputy surveyor in APPSC in the payband of ( 9460-27600). please give me the detailed information step wise?