Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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difference between high way pavement and local road?


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you are a civil engineering student so what you have done to improve your knowdge


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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?


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how bridge design is to be start? what is the preliminary step for design? which code of practice is to be used for design? what r the methods used for design? what r the ivestigation r carried out? what r the design criteria for design and loading conditions?

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hai.... please any guide me were i can get interview questions& ans for Unigraphics

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sir, please send me the web address of chennai railway to know the online examresults of junior engineer[civil].


May I Get an E-mail ID or contact details of Mr. C.M.Dordi Vice President - Technical Sales Ambuja Cements Limited. Please

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What are the different types of pile founations used?

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What is the coeffiencent Friction Angle between Steel and Ashphalt?


Hi how r u ? hope you are fine there . Please can u tell me tha Design life of Buildings as Per ACI CODE 318-99. It will be a pleasure for me .Thanks in advance

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Can we weld hot rolled steel ASTM A615 ?

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what is the meaning for 'prime cost' in civil construction contracts?

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Which IS code is saying the detail of deshuttering period?

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HOw to find the depth of foundation?

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What will be compressive strength of bricks , Hollow blocks, Solid blocks

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why do we provide haunches in rcc box or underpasses?


Water filter calculation formula


which steel is better for residential building tmt steel or hysd steel


For the symmetrical continuous beam shown in figure, Prestressed with a force P = 1500 KN along parabolic curve as shown, compute the extreme fiber stresses over the central support for the uniformly distributed load of 24 kn/m. Use load balancing method.


How to calculate cement, water, fly ash amount for 1 cum if the w/c ratio is 0.4 and fly ash to cement ratio is 1:9


whou haat goals do you have in your career


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4. Differentiate between NC and OC soils. Draw curves for (i) Stress vs Strain (ii) Volume charge vs Strain (iii) Pore pressure vs Strain for these soils


Pls help me to arrive the rates for centering shuttering for highbay using H-frames?


how will calculate 4"thick solid block quantities 1m3 sand cement ratio and breack up detail


What is meaning of tlc


How much quantity of cement and sand required for the inlining of 610mm dia MS pipe 8.7mm thk.Inlining thickness is 10mm and CM ratio is 1:1.5.


How to calculate quanty of steel in four leg stirrups?


How to do base isolation using ETABS software?


how much quantity of 1.5" nails and 2.5" nails are required for conventional formwork shuttering?