Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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difference between high way pavement and local road?


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you are a civil engineering student so what you have done to improve your knowdge


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how inovative you are? do u define innovation?


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how bridge design is to be start? what is the preliminary step for design? which code of practice is to be used for design? what r the methods used for design? what r the ivestigation r carried out? what r the design criteria for design and loading conditions?

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hai.... please any guide me were i can get interview questions& ans for Unigraphics

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sir, please send me the web address of chennai railway to know the online examresults of junior engineer[civil].


May I Get an E-mail ID or contact details of Mr. C.M.Dordi Vice President - Technical Sales Ambuja Cements Limited. Please

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What are the different types of pile founations used?

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What is the coeffiencent Friction Angle between Steel and Ashphalt?


Hi how r u ? hope you are fine there . Please can u tell me tha Design life of Buildings as Per ACI CODE 318-99. It will be a pleasure for me .Thanks in advance

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Can we weld hot rolled steel ASTM A615 ?

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what is the meaning for 'prime cost' in civil construction contracts?

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Which IS code is saying the detail of deshuttering period?

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HOw to find the depth of foundation?

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What will be compressive strength of bricks , Hollow blocks, Solid blocks

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What happens when,in Prestressed girder the HDPE duct and cone size is provided more than required? (technical answer expected)


what is smart building materials?


what does the track parameter mean in


Wat is meant by Aecron brick?


what is the difference between prime coat and tack coat in road construction


HDPE pipe standard bends using for TSE irrigation? is it possible to use 30 degree?


i am laying a base of dimensions 6.5feet by 7feet by 1.25 feet depth how many bags of 25kg cement and how many bags of 25kg sand will i need


difference between trapezoidal and pedestal footing and how the load acts on that


What is the difference between EPC,DBOOT and BOOT.


What is the unit standard weight,thicknessof C.I>Pipe of various Dia upto200 MM(as per IS1538)


For plate load test why we are applying pressure 3 times the proposed allowable bearing pressure? Is there any supporting standards for this?


How many solid blocks can build one mason per 8 hours?


how we can find sieve #4 is 4.75mm?


At one time what is the height of Lift for concreting for Bridge Piers Class B Loading and refer the code.


what could be the production cost of 1 cum of concrete by CP30 plant