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EIT Interview Questions
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What will be compressive strength of bricks , Hollow blocks, Solid blocks

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You are looking at the RS-485-side of an RS-232/RS-485 converter and the power supply voltage for the converter is +5V. Under idle conditions (no transmission), and assuming you have enabled the RS-485 output: what would you expect at: (a) Output A measured against output B (b) Output A measured against ground (c) Output B measured against ground

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Profibus DP is a multi-master system. Would it work on RS-485 4W or not, and justify your answer

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What are the maximum packet size of: a) HART b) Profibus DP c)Profibus PA d) DeviceNet e) Foundation Fieldbus


Is there’s power on the bus (if so, state whether on the signal bus, or on a separate in the following: a) HART b) Profibus DP c) Profibus PA d) DeviceNet e) Foundation Fieldbus

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What will be the crank length in an staircase is same like an slab?

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Un-Answered Questions

please explain to me how to calculate current,voltage,resistance with formula??


can I improve the furnace power factor (10 mva transformer) by adding a capacitor bank before the transformer.Does system power factor vary a lot with the furnace PF?


what is publisher?


please send me jindal previous aptitude and technical question and email id is


principle of automatic votage regulator


What is a chained certificate?


which is the best institute to lesrn SAP.APO? WHAT IS THE MARKET FOR APO?


1)What is a Triode? What are its uses? 2) What is a Triac? 3) What is a Thyristor?


How to Reconciliation AP to CM ? How to Reconciliation AR to CM ?


What is the role of a health and safety representative?


Explain the operation principle, advantages and disadvantages of the following converters: a) A 12 pulse converter b) A Switch-mode inverter c) A thyristor inverter


1sq mm dc powr cable can carry how much dc currnt


What is the main purpose of HDFS fsck command?


Can I get a working model on petro plants ?


What is Firewall?


EIT Interview Questions
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