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what is the silt(for sand) allowed persentage as per IS CODE B/W: PLASTER: CONCRETE :


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At one time what is the height of Lift for concreting for Bridge Piers Class B Loading and refer the code.



what is the development length?

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1cracks found in brick wall in service building, how to rectify it,with low cost ? how to find propagation of cracks (in depthwise) and arrest on that stage? Is it require to design for Expansion joint in Brick work? if so what is the required distaces?

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what is the least count of auto level staff

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what is the significance of soundness test in Cement? and how is it done??

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work

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How to convert n/mm2 in to kg/cm2?

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What is the Hardness of M-40 grade concrete, general and theoratical


How to calculate labor requirement or requirement of labor projction for a proposed multistoried building for which quantities of different items of work has been already calculated stage wise ?

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How to calculate 45 degrees bend Steel bar length in Slab Reinforce ment

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1) what is the use of pin and plate vibrators during slab casting? 2) how much cement bags are required for 1sqm 4inch brick wall? 3) Is it viable to provide overlap at column , beam & slab junction. if no why? 4) if bar dia is changing in column reinforcement , which dia bars overlap is considered? 5) what is isolated and ecentric footing?

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What height of a 3.5 m high 300 x300 mm proposed col. can be casted at a time ?

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how many hacking to be made in one sqft for concrete surface before plastering as per the IS Code


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what is the venturi effect in buildings? what is green house concept?different types of dams? which dam is economical arch dam or gravity dam. what are the conditions favourible to both of them?


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Suppose a new brick wall is being constructed,and the courses and not aligned horizontally,what negetives can it cause?


How to calculate chejja reinforcement


What is the Null Point of chimney in Power Plant


can any one tell me in detail footing estimation .. i am new here in dubai so facing lots of problem...


can you provide a link for manual design of building?


With reference to construction of state highways, please let me know the total Bill Of Quantities as per the following details:- 1) Subgrade - 500 mm 2) Granular Sub-Base (GSB) - 200 mm 3) Wet Mix Macadam I (WMM I) - 150 mm 4) Wet Mix Macadam II (WMM II) - 100 mm 5) Dense Bituminous Macadam (DBM) - 60 mm 6) Bituminous Crust (BC) - 40 mm Road Length is 44 Kms. Road Width is 7 mtrs. Please provide the BOQ of each layer as per Compacted Factor & Loose Factor both. Also, if possible please provide me the approximate details of total material required (all categories viz. soil, gravel, stone aggregrate, sand, bitumen etc.) as per general mix design prevailing in India. Thanks & Regards -- Rokr


The definition of national highway


how to shuttering is used in slab


In the present situation of ban on mining sand from rivers,can we go for formation of earth dam filters viz;Horizantal sand blanket,inclined chimney and filters under rivetment with crushed rock sand of 6mm down size.If so what are the specifications and is there any codal provision for its authentication?


how i get all type of short type question answer about civil engg


silt%= silt volume/ silt+sand volume is this right?


What is the cost of shuttering per Sqm.? How it is calculate by thumb rule...?


how to caluclate sienerge qty in construction in ap


How to calculate the cement consumption in RR Masonry in CM 1:8 for the foundation of Ground Level Reservoir


how can i calculate cement in brickwork