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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work..

Answer / gnanasundar l

Compressive strength for 1st class brick-14 n/mm2
For 1m3-500 bricks are used

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work..

Answer / sjtbehera

it is strength or else.
in case of mass weight of 1cumt of brick-1650kg/cum
in case of crushing strength- 35kg/cmsq of one brick

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work..

Answer / arif sherani

Actual number of brick is 496 
Find out from this formula 1^3֥001593 = 23% of mortar

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work..

Answer / k chiranjeevulu bscpl infrastr

your question is wrong

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what are the strenth of 1cum brick work..

Answer / om prakash narayan

1m3= 500 bricks

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