Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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how much cement consumption in box type waterproofing

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how to estimate shuttering form work or how to take off material quantity???

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If length is 20 m ,width is 20 m & thickness is 80 mm then how many brass it is?

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how do we design mix ratio?



how to design mix ratio for concrete using M25?

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How to estimate quantity of paint in 1M3


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how many numbers of Precast concrete hollow blocks (400mmx200mmx200mm) can be installed by the one mason and two helper in one day.


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In interview,if they ask what are your achievements in your career?how to answer this question?

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I dont know english very well to speak,in interview if they ask to introduce yourself means how to answer in english?


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How much area can plaster with one bag of cement?what is the size of the fuji blocks?

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How much will be Concrete required for one Sq.meter of area for building work?

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the internal dimensions of a ware house are 15m *5.6m and the maximum height of piles is 2.70m find the maximum numbers of bags to be storedin two piles

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What's is mean by survey

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how can change 10mm dia @275 c/c bar spacing to 12 mm


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please help me to find a mix design ratio for M40....

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what is the procedure involved in preparing mix design of m15 grade as per IS-10262-1982


can i get civil engineering test papers.......?????


Where can I get a Text Book on Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in PDF form.


How to find beam R/F cutting length


what discoveries did you have in relation to your course?


how to calculate the chair reinforcement length in slabs, footing or anywhere??


if size is 235cmsx15cmx100cms so how many cement bags and how many sand bags are used for concrete mix


Give list of building construction equipment & explain about them in brief. How much is output of JCB, POCLAIN, Steel cutting & bending machine, material hoist, tower crane?


Types of column foundation and how to calculate its steel quantity.


what is raft foundation


What is difference between combin footing & rapt footing


why should we use 20mm graded metal only in vrcc?why we shouldnot use 40mm metal?


Which ratio use for cement selery???


I need to constructive work in amaraj batteries


What is capicity of cap lock scffolding stander(vertical member) and ledger of different size?