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how to calculate number of bricks


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what is the grade of 1:2:1 concrete mix

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Prop carrying load capacity


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can any one explain structural behaviour of trapezoidal combined footing?

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minimum spacing of bars in column????as per code...???

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Is it necessary to apply tack coat over the primecoat. IF not what happens.answers other than superimpose the next layer(2) to adhere the layers so as to form homogenity.


how much required strength of cement concrete bricks(size 230x115x75mm)



How to find concrete quantity for a circular column ?

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Exterior Joints,define

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Please give me the mixing ratio for higher grades of concrete (M30, M35, M40, M45, M50) using cement, VSI sand (Maharashtra) and metal. In case any other additives are supposed to be added to my concrete please let me know about that as well.

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600 brass equal to how many cubic meter..

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how to calculate the steel for rcc slab 1100 Square feet

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how to convert sand in Cft to Kgs


How to calculate steel for beam slab and column



How to marking the building


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how can we calculate steel value, depending on load


what is spacing of wallar support of 3m column. the thickness of column is 0.25 m.


For Wet Mix Mecadam design what is Optimum moisture content


Which tests are performed on soil to decide the type of foundation to be provided.


In T beam design, which are the regions selected as rectangular and Flanged ?


How to arrive d*d/162 , for finding the kg per meter , wt of steel


yasser arfatcompleted his degree in civil from which university


1. 1. The mass of a chunk of moist soil is 34 Kg and its volume is 0.012 cu. Meter. After drying in an oven, the mass reduces to 14.25 Kg. Determine the water content, the density of moist soil, the dry density, void ratio, porosity and degree of saturation. Take G = 3.25


it is a corrected question." make a list of engineering property(properties) of soil.


in staad pro. modelling for a parallel scissors chord truss, when i assigned roller support i.e fixwd but with all Fx, FZ, Mx, My and Mz release except Fy... the analysis results " in stability at a joint, with direction Mx or My..what could be the reason...anyone please explaing


what will happen if one could not properly follow the spacing of slab reinforcement bar?


how to calculate quantity of bricks in circular manhole with examples.


Volume of 25kg putty bag & 40 kg putty bag volume??


what are the types of design? which type of method is used at what type of design & why?


how many minimum admixtures are used in water froofing structures