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Please let me know what is the simplest way of Calculating Mix Designs

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how to calculate ractangular water tank capicity

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How to Calculate the amount of Cement mortor required only for 12 or 10 mm bonding? I mean to know only the amount of mortar for bonding not for plastering. Help me to find this.

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How much binding wire required in 1 MT Reinforcement? How much Nails Required in 1 Sqmtr Area work progressed


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manhole chamber having height of 2300 mm and thickness of brickwork is 230 mm and dia of opening covering is 560 mm and bottom length vertical is 1500 mm (1:4) brick masonry and plaster 12 mm on both to estimate the no bricks used with mortar cement bags and sand for total chamber including plaster.

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how to calculate the quantity of material in 1 cubic meter Concrete?

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manhole height is 1500 mm and width of brickwork is 230 mm dia of manhole covering is 560 mm brick masonry 1:4 horizontal length is 1500 mm and plaster 12 mm thick on both side 1:3. how to estimate the quantity of brickwork with mortar cement and sand for manhole chamber.


how to estimate plastering quantity if the given object is in circular. 12 mm thick both side 1:3 example= i have 8.15 m2 how to estimate quantity

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Strength of brick?


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how to balance aggregate during mix design of concrete???? how to calculate moisture content like C/A,F/A and how many percentage using ice instead of water for example of we are preparing ice concrete??????

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steel which is used for reinforcement and structures why they are directly used why GALVANISATION or PRIMER is not done to prevent from corrosion


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In beam where lapping is allowed for top and bottom bars?

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how to calculate estimation for puttey... give me an example

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give me an example of finding depth of foundation

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sir, whitch is the best book (writer name) for prepration of gate....


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Design a built-up column carrying an axial load of 1200 KN. Its length is 8m and it is effectively held in position at both ends and restrained against rotation at one end. Assume yield stress of 250 mpa


what discoveries did you have in relation to your course?


Please design 12.5m long dubbly beam


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what is the ingredient value of 40mm and 20mm aggregates?


why do we not deduct volume of steel to find actual volume of concrete in practical???


what is mail role & relationship between senior Civil engineer to consultants , Construction manager ,project manager, project engineer ,Technical engineer & qa/qc engineer ? what is the responsibilites of Senior Civil Engineer?


What is the mix propotion of M10,M15,M20,M25,M30,M40,M50.M60 cement content,aggrigate,sand and water ratio.


Can anyone suggest how to determine scheduling of reinforcement of floor beams from Staad model,other than clicking each beam respectively 7 noting down the values ?


The properties of concrete HA-30 and how does it differ with M 30 (specify the important characteristics like workability,strength,mix design,slump test value)and what is the standard relating to it


what is meant by residual strain?


what is the mode of method of face bar measurement


How we can calculate the cement, sand,bricks , water , quintity in 1:6 Ratio 1 cubic metre b/w and 1:4 Ratio in 1 Squre metre b/w????


what are the five benefits of using standard terminology in the measurement process?


Engineering method, why need is column kiker??? what is necessity??