Civil Engineering Interview Questions
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What is difference between load bearing structure and frame bearing structure ?

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State the type of roads and compare the advantages and disadvantages?


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How can calculate the requirement of steel bars of rcc slab for 1100 sq ft?

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One unit equal to how many brick

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How to calculate soil bearing capacity of soil?

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What will be the exam pattern and syllabus for j.e post of haryana staff selection commision? Advt no. (02/2015) Some people says it would only be objective type question papers while others say it would be same as ssc (1 objective,1 conventional) ?? Please answer this question it is needfull to all.



how much quantity of mortar required for cement pointing work?

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What material should be used for casting the beam-column junction if beams and columns are of different grades?? For example concrete in beams and Columns is M20 and M25 respectively.


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Required amount of Steel bars, cement/ square feet for roofing of residential building upto 3rd floor.



cement mortar 1:6 explain the cement and sand coefficient calculation?

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I have completed building maintenance course in mcvc stream .. can I apply for the post of " sthapstya abhiyantriki sahayyak"?


What is the difference between compressive strength and crushing strength?

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Which factor affects the use of GSB material for different types of road works? What makes a material suitable to use for GSB??

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How much steel required in one cubic meter RCC Main girder

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how do you measure the 1:2:4 and 1:1:2 proportion rcc concrete for one cubic metre? what is the cement qty. sand qty. jelly qty.

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how much cement is consumed by a stone masonry wall 17.7m long,0.55m wide and 1m high


what is the water cement ratio for plastering


What distance in meters on the ground is the equivalent of one second of arc in longitude or latitude?


what is detail procedure of eccentric footing? plz. give solved exmple?


Mention what are the composition of a landfill?


What is the likely strength of a 1:2:4 concrete mix?


Prepare a Schedule for a Highrised building from starting stage to Handover?


Kindly post me previous year interview questions with answer for post of Manager (civil engg.) for NTPC, IOC , GAIL etc. I have interview on july 2013.I will be very grateful to you. Please guide me.


Why M15 is replaced by M20 when ammendment are made in IS456 in 2000?


Why are separation membranes used between concrete pavement slab and sub-base?


What are the techniques to measure road difference?


Define What are the reasons for geotechnical site investigations in Uganda?


What is gravity flow?


What is progress payment?


Define What is the force exerted by the Tacoma narrows bridge?