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In IS:456-2000 the workability of concrete is given in mm (slump)in cl.7.1. In IS:10262-1982, cl.3.3.4 & table-6 says +/- 3 percent adjustment is required in the quantity of water (calculated as per table-4 or 5), for each increase or decrease in the value of compacting factor (i.e. workability of concrete) by 0.1. How it is possible to calculate the exact quantity of water required for a particular grade of concrete? What is the relation between Slump & Compacting factor of concrete?


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How to convert rainforcement calculation: Running meter to kg

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How much quantity of Cement and Sand required for Cement Sand Ratio of 1:1 and volume of pile is 0.61 m3

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how much quantity of cement and sand required for construction of 10 cum brick work( Brick size 3"*4"*9"(Standard size ) an d for 10 cum construction of SSM (Size stone masonary) with Cm 1:6 for both.

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M20 Grade ratio? M30 Grade ratio? M40 Grade ratio ?

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corrosion of reinforcement bars due to chloride attack and its equation


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What is the unit weight if concrete?.

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Beam test is carried out for?

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which grade of concrete according to Indian Standard 800:2007 has highest strength?

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Hi.. Can i get hel in finding HPCL previous year question paper? plz help me in finding thiss..



I what know about life time of frp tank plz explain about it specifications & other details


How do you calculate the mix ratio of concrete i.e. what is the cement:sand:agrugate ratio in 20Mpa, 21Mpa, 22Mpa etc...

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how much % of steel use in footing, slab, column

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Why I-section is preferred to channel section?

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What is the value of live load that should be incorporated in design of locker room and cash vault room while designing a building for commercial bank?


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What is the frequency of sampling for the materials of cement,Fine aggregate, Coarse aggregate .and refer which code


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I Want To Know Quantity of Cement Conc. & Sand in Column of 9"x9"x10'


hi every body..i have applied for RRB section engineers CIVIL.i wanna prepare for that,so can any one suggest me some books and where can i get the syllabus for this..i would be vry greatful if any one can help in this regard


How to produce the Concrete Grade 30mpa at 12hour? How to prevent for plastic shrinkage crack? How can we produce fire resistant concrete?


how to calculate freeboard in under ground water tank and technical details


any book or article on pumped concrete.


Why reinforcement done in shorter span in two way slabs


sir tell me the formula for calculating the volume of 380mm dia double under reamed pile of 4.0 mts depth.


What is M40 _ TOR - EQ and B.F.S


how to take concrete quantity for precast segment for viaduct project?


For removal of formwork of simply supported slab / beam from where to start the deshuttering? ( Max Bending moment of the simply supported beam is in the center hence is it required to start from the supports?)


how much quantity of cement,sand and water required for 1 sq feet flooring work .


dialation means


how to frame the sentence in voucher pad ? Description : 1.Food Expenses during site visit 2.Stamp Paper approval expenses 3.Travelling expenses 4. sweet distribution