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What is bending moment

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how much cement and sand consuptin in 4 inch siporex walls 100 sq ft



how to calculate no. of cement bags consumed in 1:4 and 1:6 proportion RR Masonary and the quantity of sand also

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"how can we find the approximate quantity of materials using in a building or total Expenditure in percentage for rough estimate after known the construction area(sqm)".please if you know something about that please post the answer.


what a pigment?

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1. What is difference between auto level & dumpy level?

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2. What are the grades of steel used in the concrete design?

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could u tell me how to used deform stell bar in reinforce concret?i wanna know the general using in the site!


how to calculate the quantity of steel in a slab , beam and coloumn


2 6542 to calculate 4*3 runner qty in cft. to calculate the nails qty.(column,beam,slab) 3.if any formula for binding wire qty calculation.


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i have span of 6m x 4m how do i calculate the reinforcement of steel i needed and to at what distance and also the thickness of slab. looking forward thank you RAVI


how can we calculate the quantity of cement, sand, aggregate in any concrete mix

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. What three Specific Job Positions do you target from the Company


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how to calculate quantity of steel in a slab , coloumn and beam

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how to find out the quantity of cement sand and aggregate in slab and flooring

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What is portland cement


How to calculate quantity of cement , sand and granite from concrete mix ratio and volume of work


how much st. steel is required for staging of concourse slab of a elevated metro station allowing through traffic .


sir when can we expect the AEE results and when will be the interviews sheduled please guide us in this regard thanking you


We are into industrial flooring (epoxy flooring) business. We buy material from manufacturers.We supply and laying the to companies. In our billing what tax/ taxes to be claimed from companies? Are we applicable for only WCT or any else?


what is the percentage of silt in black cotton soil.?


what is mean by reestimation?


how to frame the sentence in voucher pad ? Description : 1.Food Expenses during site visit 2.Stamp Paper approval expenses 3.Travelling expenses 4. sweet distribution


what is the construction cost for per cft of multistorryed building in kolkata?


what is the relation between pitch of steel and depth of slab?


percentage of metal,clay or soil & water in water bond macadam roads to know the quantities for each in total volume of 11500 cubic meters


The definition of national highway


How much cement and sand required for 9"brick wall per square metre


How to calculate the crank rod in slab


01. a. Diagram of a slump cone…………… 1 b. Size of Slump Cone…………… 1 c. Volume of a slump cone by av. Dia method…………… 1 d. Volume of a slump cone by av. area method…………… 1 e. Volume of a slump cone by frustrum method …………… 1 f. Angles of slump cone …………… 1 g. Slump measured by slump cone due to…………… 1 h. Slump does not measured by cylinder / cube due to …………… 1 i) ii) i. Slump cone is to be filled in……………………..Layers.