Engineering Interview Questions
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working principle of current sensing relay? how its work?

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write encoder 17 pins details? pin a;b+, pin b;w+, s & t. what is the meaning of b+, w+? explain;


what is lumped and distributed elements?


Write a note on RC operational amplifier as integrator

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what are the main differences of delta and star connection


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can we run three phase motor by single phase? and what happens if we do this


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when voltage gets down the current of motor increases. but according to Ohm's law voltage is directly proportional to current. plz explain

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How many isomers have the name bromomethylcyclopentane?

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can 25mm thik and 8.5x8.5 size cast iron plate can bear a weight of 250 tons if it can what would be the compostion


What is majour reason of Electrical Arcing ?


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No. of rounds: 1. GD 2. Written test 3. Technical round 4. HR Group Discussion: In GD I got topic “Effect of Movies on Youth, is it good or bad?”. Everyone got chance to speak. They examined the fluency and point of view on topic. I was selected in this round. Written Test: In written, there were 30 to 40 question including 5 subjective, they are, 1 What is RTTI(Run Time Type Information)? 2 What is containership? 3 What is the difference between compiler level of C++, C# and one other language? 4 Why C++ reserve 2 bytes for structure? 5 One question was related to dot net….. Remaining question are objective and they are belongs to C, Data Structure, 4-5 question from Java and also some questions from Software Development, includes, Some programs given with there output, questions related to sorting algorithm and there complexities, from java, multithreading and a program for Concatenation of two strings using inbuilt methods, from Software development they ask about software lifecycle(including all phases), specification and testing. It was all technical and I cleared the written too. Technical round: In this round, they asked about my resume. Remember the things that you write only those things in resume, in which you are very well, else it will create problems for you. They asked first about myself, and then about my programming skills. They give me a problem to solve in C. They ask me about SQL commands (because I mentioned in resume) like difference between delete and truncate, left join with syntax, then some questions from OS and computer network. I also found out that they were taking my stress testing. They fired questions very rapidly. Don’t give up they will make you feel free environment if you will get nervous (at that time I was). HR round: In this round as usual they asked about personal question to starting with about yourself. They asked some IQ questions like which object with four points are at equidistance, draw three co-centric circle without pull-up your hand, they also asked question, if a bear is jump from 1 meter in …sec. what is the color of that bear. Answer is related to measuring gravity according to south and north pole, and I was confused at that time. They also asked the meaning of my name, I gave that answer.



what is electronic communication.

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what is the difference between clutch and gear ?

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What is the density of 1:1.5 (Cement:sand) ratio in plaster? And Conversion in 12.5 mm thickness per square meter? Howmany Kg of Cement square meter in ratio of 1:1.5?


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if 3400kw slipring motor rotor shorting done and motor started on mv drive ,what will be the rotor shoring current


Reason for capillary type dp level transmitter fluctuation


List examples of voltage source?


0.5,1,1.5,2.5,,10,16 square mm electrical wires how much take maximum current in 50htz


why US countries maintains 110v and 60HZ


Are you ready to relocate with your immediate family as a new employee?


33kv substation lay out details & line to line & line to earth measurements


what is relation between ct and pt ratio with multiplication factor of a energy meter? is there any other factor on which multification factor depend?


What is the distance between railway tracks?


Explain what is a voltage transfer curve of an op-amp?


difference between fc and fc'?


Explain what is progress payment?


How PADO software increase the efficiency of power plant?


Which rocket led apple to space?


he compression ratio for a petrol engine generally lies between