Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Can you please give a suitable definition and an example for understanding the words purity and potency.

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What is column in chromatography?

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Which Pharmacopiea follow calibration of HPLC,GC

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Why Holium cholorate used in UV Spectro photometer?

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why we get negative values in uv when i placed sample which has some concetration but not in standard


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Why water not directed by FID detector 

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what is definition of validation? which components are followed give detail?


how the compound separate in coulunm,explain



What is the principle of HPLC?

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Why methanol & acetonitrile is mostly used for hplc analysis?


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Explain about empower software of analysing?


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why we use Dichlorobenzene.nitrobezine.t-butyldi sulhate.for calibration of gc Head space

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Why use the Omeprazole as a reference standard to estimate the assay of esomeprazole by HPLC method


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are there in uv lamb that is chractrestic for wavelenghth 205 nm ?????

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In UV calibration we use Holmium perchlorate solution made in 1.4M perchloric acid The question is that 1.4 M perchloric acid we make is it in water or glacial acetic acid?

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What is control room temperature and which guide line says?


In the isomers,enantiomers give the only physical properties present such that no chemical properties present.


how much mass should be there in volumetric flask while in preparation of sample for assay? 


all types of questions asked at the cipla interview


Why only hydroxy naphthol blue indicator is used for standardisation of 0.05M EDTA solution instead of solochrome Black T or Euriochrome Black T indicator which is used for all sample analysis with 0.05M EDTA solution?


Principle of single pan analytical balance


How we performed the force degradation for drug substance, is any specific guideline is available for each parameter(Acidic, basic, oxidation,heat)? what conditions you mentained for above parameters.


about method developement in hplc


cefoperozone and sulbactam inj. hplc test method


when we talk about change in entropy we consider total entropy means of surround +entropy of system but when we talk about change in Gibss free energy we consider entropy of system.explain with reason.


what is lod and loq ?,why use k2cr2o7 , kcl h2so4 in uv calibration ?,why use benzophenone & caffene acetone in hplc calibration ?,what is leading peak in hplc ?why we do the calibration of limit of stry light in hplc & uv ?


What is the difference between Discriminating media and DPDM(Dissolution Profile with Different Media)


what is turbidimetric titration?Give 2 examples.


What is the main difference between ODS1 and ODS2 Hplc column.


How do we get end points and how many end points are possible for citric acid and di-acid not theorotically answer should be given practically.