Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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What is mean by peak tailing in case of GC?

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why we are taking 85 ml of concentrated HCl to prepare 1N Solution

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What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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how can standardized of HCl of 0.1 N

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What is the difference b/w OVI Solvents and Residual Solvents in case of Gas Chromatogaphy and What is its Detection Limit?

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what is the diffrence between absorbance and absorption in the beer,s lamber formula ?

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one gram of which below elements has the most atoms in its? a) H b) D C)T D) He

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0.1 atom gram of the unknown element( X)reacts with 2.4 gram of O2 to produce the oxid product . can you tell us, what is the oxid formula ? a) XO b)X2O3 c)XO2 D) X2O4


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Why we use Uracil for HPLC calibration in Detector wave ength accuracy test?

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k.f principle in finding out moisture content

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What is difference btw UV detector & RID detector

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What's the importance of these procedures?

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How precise should be the linearity in HPLC method validation?


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what should be the precision during technology transfer?


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why we use vanillin in melting range calibration

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what is the importence and role of LCMS and LCMS/MS and their applications? which type of compounds are analysis by lcms?


in gas chromatography what is the difference between gas flow rate and average linear velocity ?


how to get accurate result for Residue on evaporation in purified water


Describe your field experience sample type collected,sample techniques,field measurements taken and equipment used?


In Dissolution Test why limit is define Q+5% what is the role of +5%.


What is AV value in test uniformity content ,describe calculation


How to choose concentration of LOQ solutions for RS analysis? Example.


What is the calibration of uv process and preparation


1.What is the difference between method validation and method verification 2.Which guidelines proposed to method transfer


in dissolution why pool sample needed? in which type of drug pool sample need?


What are the primary considerations in extractables and Leachables ?


how to calculate corelation coefficient in G.C Calibration? what is the calculation part?


What is the exact reason to use THF and IPA in buffers of Reverse phase HPLC as a solvent?


explain 5 components of gas chromatography ?


What is viod volume and peak purity in HPLC?