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what is specificity?

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what is specificity?..

Answer / m

In Specificity Study we proves that our method of analysis
is Specific for drug subsatnces/product or intrest of peak
by resolving and proving that no interfearance observed at
retention time of known impurity and main peak due to
unknown impurity and matrix component.

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what is specificity?..

Answer / soma sekhar.a

Specificity is the degree to which the measured response is
due to the analyte of interest and not to the other substances
which may be present in the same sample matrix.

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what is specificity?..

Answer / bhupalreddy

Specificity is the ability to assess unequivocally
the analyte in the presence of components which may expect
to be present. Typically these might include impurities,
degradents, matrix, etc.

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what is specificity?..

Answer / yojana

specificity means measurment of system suitability
parameter like tailing factor, therotical plates resolution

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