Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is full form of RVT

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Defination of ZEEMAN EFFECT in NMR ?

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what is MCG dilution in HPLC & GC analysis

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what is difference between GC & GC-HS

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which brands GC coloumn available in market

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why linerity not use in GC but use in HPLC ?

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How to decide restandardisation due or retest or expiry of Volumetric solutions prepared in wet chemistry lab?


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How to interpret XRD graphs against standard and limit for same?


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Difference between c18

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principle of UV , PDA , RI detector in HPLC

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mahagenco syllabus for the post of chemist

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What is post run in hplc?


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Tell me something about Vitamin A test method by HPLC



How to choose Normal phase or Reverse Phase HPLC method Conditions for given sample?


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why the most API molecule are in the hydrochloride form?

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How to choose concentration of LOQ solutions for RS analysis? Example.


2. Two grams of Benzoic acid are dissolved in 200 ml of water and extracted with 200 ml of diethyl ether. The distribution coefficient of benzoic acid is 100, and its dissociation constant is 6.5 10-5. Calculate the distribution ratio (D) of benzoic acid at pH 2, 5, and 6. 3. Calculate D at pH 2 to 10 (1 unit apart) in the above problem, and plot D versus pH.


How would you decide dissolution medium for NCE compound of class I drug


why octanol used to determine the partition coefficient ?


What is diffrence between extractable volume and deliverable volume? Answer pls


in dissolution why pool sample needed? in which type of drug pool sample need?


What is third generation HPLC Columns?


How we performed the force degradation for drug substance, is any specific guideline is available for each parameter(Acidic, basic, oxidation,heat)? what conditions you mentained for above parameters.


explain 5 components of gas chromatography ?


Why we used in n-butyl acetate water content terminology while in ethyl acetate we used moisture content terminology?


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How do we get end points and how many end points are possible for citric acid and di-acid not theorotically answer should be given practically.


i want model written test paper for the post of analyst in IOCL(indian oil corporation ltd) any one pls help me


how can delete the impurity in 1-(2:6 dichloro phenyl)-2-indolenone.and desolving the impurity in which solvent but does not desolve product in solvent.


how can I make the copper get white bye any salt or acit?