Manual Testing Interview Questions
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is it always necessary to do white box testing before doing black box testing.wat ar applications where only white box is done not black box testing,and application where only black box is benifical not white box testing

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what are the advantages of manual and automation testing ? and which one would u term as efficent testing and effective testing ?pls do reply thankx in advance its urgent


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will any one told me if any interviewer ask u that wat type of defect tracking tool we use in project then wat will be the answer?


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why we use defect tracking tool?

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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing

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Hi,To all .Am Working as a Manual Software Tester in a software company.My Contract Period will be going to complete of this month.How can i fing any openings in chennai?and should s/w companies give preference to manual tester?suggest me .Advance happy new year to allllllll

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How to Test Web Application Without a Formal Test Plan....?


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Why testing is importent in software?

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how agile testing is performed and what are the related documents.


What are the difference between Water fall model and V- Model? Which one is better? Why 80% of Software companies using Water fall model nowadays?


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Can any one tell project questions related to testing


Why you developed the software to test the software?

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Which method of testing we use to test LOGIN page?

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Which testing is used only in web based application but not for client-server applications?

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is test data the same as test condition

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what is the challenging position faced in the testing not in point of management point of view it must be in the point of while testing the application?


What are the uses of test plans? What is the need of test plans and explain their significance


hi can anyone tell me about vision plus testing? and what about its future


what are all the possible Test Cases for VoIP based applications


can any one post the format of tracebility martrix Plz...... Maid Id:


approx how long a simple website take time just for manual testing including report generation.


Is compatabilitytestig and port testing are same


how do u manage scripts in winrunner when you application is changing frequently?


Hi All I want discuss abt Testing tools is any one available online in google chat?


what is localization and globalization.and what are the ways way are going to test the particular application?how can we identify factual, visual, corrupted characters, link errors, formatting errors, etc in locallization?iam going to attend the interview on localization concepts and languages like : German, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish .tell me the process how to do testing above concepts let me know its 9908814046


What is Dynamic Binding and Dynamic Loss?


What are the challenges you faced in your project (Testing) and in your company?


what r u r responsibilities in current project


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


Need to know about Quality Center in brief