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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing

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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing..

Answer / amresh

When product is match with business case then it is known
as acceptance test pass.
we can not justify that if it fulfill the SRS is meet the
acceptance criteria because there may be fault in SRS
because of unproper understanding, so our busness is the
first in which we gather information on end user
prospective so thats why it is nothing but fullfillmaent of
business case as per SDLC.

If I am wrong correct me.

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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing..

Answer / pavan.l

to check whether all objects r available or not and also it
is proper for detail testing or not.

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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing..

Answer / srinivaspatro

But Mr. Madhu,

Question is "What is Elementary Acceptance Testing"

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What is Elementary Acceptance Testing..

Answer / madhubabu

after receiving a soft ware build from developer tester test
the functionality working or not is called "acceptance testing"

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