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AZTEC Interview Questions
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what are the different event functions used in SAP Scripts?

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Whats a difference between Verification Point and Syncronization point?

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What is a system lock?

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How Many CMM levels are there?? What are the main differences between each level?

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What is the base Criteria to review the testcases?

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What are all the documents you are going to submit at the time of release as a testlead?

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What is Test Scripts What is static testing and dyanmic testing. Explain with an example

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First window is registertion window where u will be having the fields to entering the name,password and confirm password and Ok button.After hitting the OK button it will take u to 2nd window, wel come window for the user with the msg welcome user. 3rd window will be login screen where u will be entring the user name and password with out any mistake in case and spell (i.e u entered correctly)and 4th window it shows that user does not exits .What will be reasons? Other then data base not connected.

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What is the involvement of tester in SDLC?Explain.

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what are test metrics?

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Can anybody give the script to addsheet, add column,add values under that column in the rows??

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how do you maintain sessions in servlets?

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what is Normalization means..?

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Integrity constraints means..? how many and what are they?

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Define 'view' advantage ?

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what are the dis advantages of pub sub model


What are the challenges faced with the 1+ years experience team.


what are the types of LIST REPORTS in cognos8BI? and what is the mean and use of METRIC STUDIO in Cognos 8.3BI?


How do we delete the cache of the Apps server?


Explain AngularJS scope life-cycle?


swagat staryed business on 1st jan 2005 with cash on hand Rs. 10000


What are the flags for general reporting?


Hi, If any hav Informatica n DWH FAQ's,Plz do fwd to Thnx Vani


tell me a situation where you have faced a conflict in your team? who resolved the problem? If u did how did u do that? If Someone else did What was your reaction?


what is Retainer?


I need HT sphere gap calibration table. Can any body help me.


Sales Made without collecting c- from. What type of sales is this


to vary valtage from 0 - max a variac is necessary . so how to design for high power applications nearly about 200KW power


what is test strategy


what is the Other name for Mf4/4 cell line?


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