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Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions
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Why you want to work in US?


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Have you applied for any other Country?


Do you know what is the leaving cost in US specific to the place where you are going?



When did you received your offer letter?


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What is the current project you are going to work?

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What is your current role?


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What is your role in US company?

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Where are you going to work in US?

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What is your designation in US company?

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When did US company founded?

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What is your current pay?

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What is your pay in US company?

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When are you planned to travel?

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How will you survive for the first month?

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Have you been to any other country before?


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Un-Answered Questions { Visa Interview Questions }

Hello Sir, My curent employer has applied a canadian long term visa for me. I dont have reliving letter for one of the company (first employer) which i have worked for. Hence, company was asking for a declaration certificate and I have produced it. I am sure I will get the Visa stamped for this time. I would like to know what will happen in future, if I apply for any kind of visa through different employer (any country or Canada) with another employer details. Is there any possiblity for the counsalte to find out this fake information?


Why only c18 column used for HPLC calibration


What will you do after reaching US ? I want to apply for F2 visa


My Visa got Rejected on 28th December 2010. I again reappled and again i got rejected on 10th March 2011. Please let me know can i apply again? I dont know why they are rejecting? Please let me know on what to do?


we both 2nd marriage persons and my husband is citizen in us last 10yrs,when we apply for spouse visa how many months take to go and what are the questions they ask me and i am not fluvent in english ,can i use my monther tounge malayalam?and my first marriage children also with me.later i can take with them na?and my passport and sslc boo ther is my mother name asha,and here real name is can i change the name?if she came to us is it difficut to get her visa due to name change in my passport thank u annu


Have You Travelled To Other Countries Before?


Hi, I have increased the value of my property, and shown more than the actual amount in the CA report,how can i hide this, and convince VO, as this is the actual amount that we have.


i have done my M.C.A in 2007 and want to do M.S? If the couselar ask me about the why double degree wat reason should i mention.Give me the suggestion


If this position is offered to me, why should I accept it?


whether orignial documents such as Income tax returns, Bank Pass Book & Deposit Slips are required to be carried at the time of UK Visa Interview?


You don't have the necessary experience or background for this position


Why are you going Swiss ?


why would the united state embassy call me in for a second interview?


I got rejected on 17may and my next interview is on 8thjuly what if they ask Me what did you do since it?


Where will you stay in USA?