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Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions
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I have completed my bachelor's in cse and now again I am going for masters in cs(no specialization) . What should i answer if VO asks me Why again ms in cs?


I am having 10 backlogs during my B.Tech degree and had cleared within time with an cgpa 6.16. If Vo asks the no. of backlogs can it affect on the visa plz guide me.


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What do you if I reject your visa


Currently I am applying for undergraduate F1 visa. But my long -term plan is to do a PhD from a good US/ UK /Canada top ranking university. What do I say when they ask me to prove that I will not be staying in the USA in my Visa interview?


Ms in Engineering management Undergrad: Btech Civil engineering 2021 Intership for 1 year as Trainee civil engineer How do I answer questions related to change in course Do you have any basics related in management Do you have experience in management?


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why you changed 3 university?


present how is the situation in mumbai


Hey i had 9 backlogs and im gng to us embassy wat is the best reason to give for having 9 backlogs...............plz post best reasons so that i can get visa


my boy friend is in USA. his a citizen of US for over 10 years now and working. i want to go for visit, for 1 month. i don't want to stay there with he now, until we get married. pls can u tell me what is involved. the necessary document i needed for the trip and what to do. thanks


Hi i went for interview 3 times got rejected my gre 280 ielts 5.5 dont no what is the problem with me for the 3rd time i went with confidence but they asked only 2 ques and gave the 214b so please any one guide me how to clear for next time thank you


I've been offered to study in the UK and am trying to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa, however, I don't have my father's information and he's not listed on my birth certificate. The online application requires his information.. any suggestions? I have no contact with my biological father and no records on him.


How many employees in US Company?


Is there any age limit to get J1 visa ?


Why do you choose bachelor in business administration major?


Hi guys I had applied for US student visa and i had stayed in uk for 4 years and 10 months. I came back from uk on 27th november and had applied for US F-1 visa for july intake, so my question is I got 3 diff. degrees in mgt. and IT so what I will answer in interview if interviewer will ask me for my london education. Can anybody help me Plz. THANK YOU.


Hi , actually i just wanted to apply on L1B blanket on Specialized skills. just i need template of roles and resposibilities in USA.


hi, i completed my MCA in india. i got I-20 for MS-software engineering Do i find any difficulty for getting visa. i'm going to face visa scores(gre-980,ielts-6)


visa rejected first time... Do you have any changes from previous time?


hi sir,i have done in computer science nd engg in 2009...i wanna to do MSIT from australia...cud u pliz tell me wt documents required..ho many bands r required for admissio,,nd pliz tell me universities to where i can apply ....thnxxx


what will you do after finishing masters in USA?