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I have completed my bachelor's in cse and now again I am going for masters in cs(no specialization) . What should i answer if VO asks me Why again ms in cs?


I am having 10 backlogs during my B.Tech degree and had cleared within time with an cgpa 6.16. If Vo asks the no. of backlogs can it affect on the visa plz guide me.


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What do you if I reject your visa


Currently I am applying for undergraduate F1 visa. But my long -term plan is to do a PhD from a good US/ UK /Canada top ranking university. What do I say when they ask me to prove that I will not be staying in the USA in my Visa interview?


Ms in Engineering management Undergrad: Btech Civil engineering 2021 Intership for 1 year as Trainee civil engineer How do I answer questions related to change in course Do you have any basics related in management Do you have experience in management?


is your spouse going to travel with you


Why you choose BBA after taking science in your high school??


How much an H-1B visa, green card will cost for US immigration

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I am having 28 years of work experience and of which for the last 21 years working with same company which has branches world wide. Now my company is iniatining L1B visa for me . My education back ground is ITI+B.Com+Post Graduation in International Business. I am Technical line. Will my education be problem for L1 B VISA.


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What prevented you from advancing in your former positions?


Why do you believe that you could handle this position?


In all my certificates, name is mentioned as Arun Kumar GK...but in my passport my given name is Arun Kumar and my Surname is Krishna..Will that create any problem when i apply for US L1 visa? Please answer


I have done diploma and overall education is 10+3 years with work experience of 6+ years. Am i eligible for L1 B Visa ?


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why did u select your company only


Sir my sister applied for visa and got rejected thrice when she was coming in the train unfortunately her passport got drowned in water as some one kept a water bottle open in the top and it poured into the cloth bag in which she kept her passport and when we took to the regional passport office and asked for replacement of the pages they said they need to give her a new passport as the previous one is damaged now my question if she wants to apply for the visa again is it possible she can apply with a new passport or she has to use the old passport as she has got the new passport now if so what are the procedures


i want to know whether I can apply for MS with all fake certificates of education like Btech, inter, and will the documents be checked while attending the interview for VISA??? also want to know will there be any verification even after getting I20


hello sir sir i want to let you know that my application had been not checked at the mumbai embassy they straight away told me that i belong to southern region and i must go to chennai. now, i am planning for chennai embassy will there be any question about why u went to mumbai first as i want to describe in briefly that uptill my intermediate i completed my studies in mumbai and then i came to hyderabad and completed my undergraduation so even my parents stay in mumbai even i have a home over dad is a government employee there so what should i have to say at the interview if they asks me why i first went to mumbai embassy.


i am currently having B1/B2 visa stamped in dec 2008. i have applied for L1B now..but i have never visited US..what question would they ask


I got a conditional admit for ohio university,as i got less score in IELTS after getting the admit,i have retaken the test,now my new score is 7 bands.will the conditions in my admit affect my visa??


why you want to work in u s


hi, would someone help me suggesting the best of my profile...i have gre-850,toefl-86,B.E-57 with 6 backlogs and my B.E duration was of 6yrs....been to usa on divorced...wat are my chances f1 visa stamping?


Can you show me the pictures of the company in the US?


hiiiiiii im married and my husband stays in saudi and i want to learn a german language course in i get any problems in getting my visa or shall i need to provide any additional documents