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Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions
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can u tell me is there any dress code at the time of visa interview?

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if u finish ur studies faster,can i give u a restricted visa?

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Why MBA?


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Am about to take an visa interview,what if they ask me ,why going to study in US and not my country?

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i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not



i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not

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I want to know all about backlogs that what is backlogs .,how to count it . I am a student and i had failure twice in first year in two subject so how do they count the backlogs please send me the urgent answer please

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Recently i got rejected for B1 visa. can i reapply is there any time gap to apply?

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Do immigrant parents (They got green card just 6 months before) have great negative impact in getting F1 visa (student visa) when all other credentials are very good ? (I mean very good unergrad result, test scores, good financial strength in home country..)

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Are immigrant parents (got green card just 6 months before) going to have negative impact in getting F1 visa when all other things are very good? (good undergrad result, test scores, very high ranked university I-20 with TA, strong financial strength in home country..)


after hearing my GRE and toefl scores which are 1020 and 85 respectively, if the interviewer ask that why the sores are so low what should i reply. And if same question is repeated for my degree %age which is 65% suggest me reply

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I am a Musician hadbeen to USA 3 times on P3 visa anc came i would like to go USA on tourist friends are there and i will bear my to and fro tickets and rest of my friends,so do i need of any letter from friend from USA

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hi friends, i got 1120 in gre and 83 out of 120 in toefl and 78% in my B.Tech. but i am 2007 passed out, so i have one year gap after completion of my studies, i didn't have any experience in this time, so plz tell me my sucees ratio to get visa?? if the interviewr ask about my gap what should i reply??? thank you

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hi frien,finally i had completed B.Sc biotechnology in 2007,now im applied for us findlay university for MBA,i have few doubts before i had 9 backlocks,and i have nt appear for any GRE&toefl, but i have 2 years experience,wat is the succes rate of getting F1 visa from embassy,can any one suggest me plz,

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i have got thru cornell univ for phd with full schol and stipend. i wanted to know wat kind of questions do they ask ? i mean do they really grill you. wat kind of questions are phd students normally asked ?

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Who Are You Going With To The USA?


Hi Friends.. I need a small clarification i.e I need Degree(3 Years) and PGDCPA(1 Year).so its reaches US Education requirements right..? and 3 years of my degree was completed in 4 Year i.e actually passout is 2009-2011 but I passed in is any problem for my admission and visa interview time.? Please help me out..? Thanks in Advance...


Hi Everybody, I'm Vineel From Hyderabad.I've done my B.E. in ECE with 72.3% and 8 backlogs(cleared in final yr) GRE=990 and toefl=86 .I've been rejected US F-1 visa to the SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY, EDWARDSVILLE for MS in EE 3 times in oct,nov,dec 2009 for jan(spring) 2010 admissions in hyderabad. So i'm in dilema to continue and try this time for the Aug(fall) 2010 admissions or not. Pls give ur valuable suggestions or share ur experiences about how should i proceed. thnx in advance :)


I wish to know the total procudure tht we follow for suppot project. i.e how we get the tickets and how we will send back to the client and the tool we use plase explain briefly.


differnce ways of error handling in call transaction please tell me any know


IM FROM MEXICO, my husband and my baby are canadian cityzens, my status right now its as a visitor (one entry) and my residence is in process, we like to travel to europe, its possible to do that and re entry to canada without a problem? tank you very much


Can anyone let me know , I have faced U.S consulate chennai in mid of this year . For B1 visa my agent has fraud me with the fake documents and I have committed and given them in written that the documents are fake . So I want to know that can I apply for the next tym again , there is no ban on my passport ? So please let me know I am going into depression by thinking about it . 


What are some examples of the achievements of others


hi frndz. dis is pravin m going to atend visa interview my problem is here i hope you all sugest me. i did mba in india. now am gong to again pursuing mba.if vo vil ask why do you choose again mba what should i reply.


potential problem and preventive measures


why are you changing your stream from ece to computer science?


why this university?


I’m Rakesh,presently studying in SRM college(BSc-computer science). My visa got rejected. Here is my case. I completed my 12th grade and I scored 1037 and scored 86 in TOEFL ibt. I did not immediately apply for the USA university,there was a gap of one year,during this one year I’m doing my BSc-computer science in SRM college. I got the I20 from the De anza community college,cupertino,california. I’m going to pursue Computer information system in De anza. The VO asked me that, why am I changing from bsc course? secondly, he asked “why are you going for the 2 year college rather than picking a four year college”? And thirdly,he asked me why dint you apply for the college as soon as you complete your 12th grade? Why are you suddenly discontinuing this college and going for De anza? So let me know the ways to get thru the interview!


hello sir, m a pharmacy graduate from a normal college which hasnt got PCI approval yet since im the 1st batch member of that clg.... i hav an visa interview this month, is there any chance to get the visa rejected by this reason?? plz inform me.......


i have been rejected for B-1 visa on 13th jan 2009 now my company wants to apply L-1 visa for me . what will be the right time to apply for it ? is there any time limit in this case?