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can u tell me is there any dress code at the time of visa interview?

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if u finish ur studies faster,can i give u a restricted visa?

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Why MBA?


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Am about to take an visa interview,what if they ask me ,why going to study in US and not my country?

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i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not



i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not

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I want to know all about backlogs that what is backlogs .,how to count it . I am a student and i had failure twice in first year in two subject so how do they count the backlogs please send me the urgent answer please

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Recently i got rejected for B1 visa. can i reapply is there any time gap to apply?

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Do immigrant parents (They got green card just 6 months before) have great negative impact in getting F1 visa (student visa) when all other credentials are very good ? (I mean very good unergrad result, test scores, good financial strength in home country..)

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Are immigrant parents (got green card just 6 months before) going to have negative impact in getting F1 visa when all other things are very good? (good undergrad result, test scores, very high ranked university I-20 with TA, strong financial strength in home country..)


after hearing my GRE and toefl scores which are 1020 and 85 respectively, if the interviewer ask that why the sores are so low what should i reply. And if same question is repeated for my degree %age which is 65% suggest me reply

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I am a Musician hadbeen to USA 3 times on P3 visa anc came i would like to go USA on tourist friends are there and i will bear my to and fro tickets and rest of my friends,so do i need of any letter from friend from USA

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hi friends, i got 1120 in gre and 83 out of 120 in toefl and 78% in my B.Tech. but i am 2007 passed out, so i have one year gap after completion of my studies, i didn't have any experience in this time, so plz tell me my sucees ratio to get visa?? if the interviewr ask about my gap what should i reply??? thank you

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hi frien,finally i had completed B.Sc biotechnology in 2007,now im applied for us findlay university for MBA,i have few doubts before i had 9 backlocks,and i have nt appear for any GRE&toefl, but i have 2 years experience,wat is the succes rate of getting F1 visa from embassy,can any one suggest me plz,

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i have got thru cornell univ for phd with full schol and stipend. i wanted to know wat kind of questions do they ask ? i mean do they really grill you. wat kind of questions are phd students normally asked ?

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i completed my master of computer application from -andra pradesh ..looking to enhance my skill by doing MS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, i got my i20 from one college,i am very tensed on how the visa interview would go on what can be the best way to convince the vis intervier since this is my dream come true doing ms from usa,,,please help how best the answer can be so as to get the visa approved for summer intake


I already have a Masters in chemical engineering in India and I'm going to pursue an M.S degree in the same field in the U.S. Can you suggest the best reply that I can give to the VO during the interview if he asks why second masters? My previous Masters was in a good college- Bits Goa. Please help


Hi, I have L1B visa from my current employer and I am going for H1B visa stamping. Please let me know, will the consulate cancel my L1B visa.


what is the turn over of company?


Hi, My company has initiated H1b for not sure, on my appliaction. This is because: 1. An from non IT background[Mech engg] & have only 2.3 years of IT exp 2. I did my Engg after my diploma in mechanical. Guidelines says it should be [10+2+4]...But i have [10+3+3].. Please answer this...Am very confused...


I have a visitor's visa for 10 years which is still valid Now I may be invited to participate in a cultural festival in the U S with out any monetary considerations. Can I enter U S on the same Visa


I was selected in h1b visa for 2008-2009. I got papers also. i need to go for stamping to mumbai in this month or next month. what type of questions can i expect there please reply me. and also any thing difficult will be faced there?


We are residents from UAE and my 2 children doing higher studies in USA and i want to apply for B2 Visa and we have got land , building properties and i can self sponsor for the visit. Am i eligible to go . what sould i do ? Please reply to


I would like to ask what are the frequent question during interview if I will be applying in crew ship?


How did you solve the problems?


I apply visitor visa and two time I face interview in Kuwait, one time in Sri Lanka 3 time,But I am faild the interview,They ask about the ties I everthing is show them who interview me the consulaer please can you explain to me. Thank you


how will you enter in to usa(aliso Viejo,california)?


well, i have a friend whom is usa citizen. can he help me or support to immigrant to usa? if yes, please give me the details, and if no, please give me some advise or any opportunity that i have. thank you


What if we dont have fire ceremony photographs?how to justify them?


What are the documents required for karanataka bank clerk interview & plz suggest me which type of questions they may ask? I completed bcom.Plzerald anyone suggest me.