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Visa Interview Questions Interview Questions
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can u tell me is there any dress code at the time of visa interview?

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if u finish ur studies faster,can i give u a restricted visa?

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Why MBA?


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Am about to take an visa interview,what if they ask me ,why going to study in US and not my country?

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i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not



i want to go to us on visitors visa to give entrance exama s for dds. so pplz guide me in interview whether i shud disclose that my brother is there or not

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I want to know all about backlogs that what is backlogs .,how to count it . I am a student and i had failure twice in first year in two subject so how do they count the backlogs please send me the urgent answer please

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Recently i got rejected for B1 visa. can i reapply is there any time gap to apply?

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Do immigrant parents (They got green card just 6 months before) have great negative impact in getting F1 visa (student visa) when all other credentials are very good ? (I mean very good unergrad result, test scores, good financial strength in home country..)

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Are immigrant parents (got green card just 6 months before) going to have negative impact in getting F1 visa when all other things are very good? (good undergrad result, test scores, very high ranked university I-20 with TA, strong financial strength in home country..)


after hearing my GRE and toefl scores which are 1020 and 85 respectively, if the interviewer ask that why the sores are so low what should i reply. And if same question is repeated for my degree %age which is 65% suggest me reply

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I am a Musician hadbeen to USA 3 times on P3 visa anc came i would like to go USA on tourist friends are there and i will bear my to and fro tickets and rest of my friends,so do i need of any letter from friend from USA

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hi friends, i got 1120 in gre and 83 out of 120 in toefl and 78% in my B.Tech. but i am 2007 passed out, so i have one year gap after completion of my studies, i didn't have any experience in this time, so plz tell me my sucees ratio to get visa?? if the interviewr ask about my gap what should i reply??? thank you

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hi frien,finally i had completed B.Sc biotechnology in 2007,now im applied for us findlay university for MBA,i have few doubts before i had 9 backlocks,and i have nt appear for any GRE&toefl, but i have 2 years experience,wat is the succes rate of getting F1 visa from embassy,can any one suggest me plz,

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i have got thru cornell univ for phd with full schol and stipend. i wanted to know wat kind of questions do they ask ? i mean do they really grill you. wat kind of questions are phd students normally asked ?

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my name is gagan deep kaur I applied for f1 visa but my visa was rejected on 12th 2011 but i don't know why the visa officer rejected my visa but i apply next visa application.please tell what i'll say to visa officer why my visa was rejected last time


My L1B Visa got rejected on 22nd Oct. When can the company file H1B for me. Is there any cooling period required after L1B rejection. Also what is the processing time for H1B Visa


what will do after completion of your course ?


How Much Do You Earn For A Living?


I am looking out for some cover letter samples required for work permit


Hello guys. I am going to have interview in US Embassy consular in our city. I have applied for MBA Programs in 6 schools and 3 of them accepted me. And now one of them is going to send me an I-20 next week. Currently, even if I am just a senior undergraduate student studying Computer Science, I am also a self employer who works with one of my friend in developing Software and Webpage. To tell you the truth, the reason I wanted to do my MBA is because I am eager to be a business man (just a self employer or latter a business owner). Even if I am just 22 years old, I have got the skills to communicate with people specially one to one in our mother language. So, I have the license from our government which shows I am a business owner. I have also a GPA of 3.4. since, the school didn’t ask me any kind of Tests , I didn’t take TOEFL or GMAT, but I scheduled GMAT for July 13 (which will be after my interview) My graduation date will be in August 5, i.e. I am going to the interview before I finish my class. To add another information, my father works for UN outside our home country, and he got paid a lot that will cover my overall expense. Hey gusy, even if I have all the true evidences I may be a little bit nervous at the interview. And I don’t want to lie any thing, because it will make me much nervous. So, what do you guys recommend me? As I told you I don’t want to lie (even if they asked me whether I have a relatives or not what I will say is yes because I have 2 uncles and 1 aunt there ). Do you guys recommend me to enter the Embassy after I took my GMAT test or when? Please guys tell me what real things to do to get the visa. Even if I am rejected I have a lot of plans here, except I am going to miss/broke up with my girlfriend who lives USA (in the state I applied). Thank you guys.


hii dear boys and girls. i have done an eng diploma from punjab,india. i wanna take admission in california, usa. so pls give me sugestions about colleges in fremont,california,usa.


Currently I am applying for undergraduate F1 visa. But my long -term plan is to do a PhD from a good US/ UK /Canada top ranking university. What do I say when they ask me to prove that I will not be staying in the USA in my Visa interview?


You have been to the US on work visa, what is the process to get a US visa?


Hi, I am working for an orgination as manager in Pune , due to some problems i left some exams of my btech un attempted, now i don't hold any degree. Now my company want to send some people to USA on B1 and i too got selected. My company don't know about my story. So is there any way i too can go US on B1 with +2 ? Please let me know


Which question create by consular in cosulate. and how prepare the question's answer.Give me some more hint.


HI iam from delhi . my VISA rejected Twice . i applied SSU california . I have done MCA & 3 year Exp wid IT MNC. now i want go for MBA. Got my I-20. 1st time due to some SEVIS issue but VO said u will not come back thats why i cant issue visa. Iam showing 3 crore 88 lac rupees in my CA statement . 2nd time VO said u have enough Qualification so u dont need MBA ... my frnd already got Visa in same university. plezzzz soem 1 help me ... Its my Dream & every thing . I will book for 3rd time . what i do now .. Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELPPPPPPPPPPP


why u going to us and how do i believe that u will be back after completing ur course


I have a very serious my passport my name is like First name-Nakul Middle name-Kumar.There is no Last name as my father also doesnt keep one.Now one university is asking for Last name to be written else get a new passport(which is not at all a good option) for I20.The second option they gave is that to keep First name as FNU (First Name unknown) and Last name as "Nakul Kumar".This option will create serious problems in VISA interview.Kindly suggest what should I do.I got admit from this university and its required for I20.Please help.


what is security? why you want to go abroad? is you are good for security? what kind of security experience you have? if you are standing inside or outside of building what will you do in dangers situation? what is CCTV camera? what is detector?