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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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How do U do the Analysis of discounts lost and fixing the root cause

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For what kind of necessary information we Interact with Vendors with regard to AP

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what kind of necessary AP information u gather from the client.


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Give examples & explain the below mentioned activity. "Analyzing the documents provided by the client and thereby identifying the test cases to be tested for the application assigned (FA, AP and GL)"



Write Test Scripts for a telecummunication project on the basis of priority with some examples with regard to AP,GL,FA.



How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples.

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please explain with examples the below mentioned "Creating the end to end business scenarios and executing the scenarios to perform the regression testing".



"Testing Client Specific Business Rules" explain.


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explain with examples what r the roles & Responsiblities of a functional consultant who reviews the Test Scripts, Test Cases and Test Execution Results of AP, FA and GL.



Define the activities of the Configuration Manager (AP,GL,FA) in the team. Give examples



Give some examples of troubleshooting in support project with regard to AP,GL,FA

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I paid 10,000 Rs in advance to the employee for meeting his expenses. The employee met only 5000 expenses and the remaining 5000 he has to retern to the company. How will you define it.


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Please let me know the various accounting entries in AP & AR for a layman. Like invoice posting, payment, offset entries, exchange fluctuation entries, i am preparing for an interview. PLEASE HELP


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im interested making my careein oracle financials platform. my bkgund is btech cse,MBA in mkt,hr.having hr work. pls suggest me .wht can i do


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What could be the probable reason for Not Showing the Taxes in Project Draft Invoices?

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what is the difference between bonus reserve and bonus expense


On what different real time issues you worked while doing P2P cycle implementation?


Difference between header level tax calculation and line level tax calculation


What are the inventory report to check inventory status.


Substitute receipts and Unordered Receipts


How to refund for a customer who returns goods and wants a refund for $600 in R12 In above scenarios customer does not want Credit Memo or On- Account Credit, he wants refund check . and as we know we do not issue check from AR. How can we issue Check from AP and how offsetting is done for the same in R12


I am created credit memo in at but while trying to complete it showing error message-hz_party_location


I am currently working in reputed Org as a Oracle apps end user (AR). Learned R12 functional course, but no real time exp as in support or implementation project.Please guide. thank you.


Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP.


Invoice Approval Process?


Define the activities of the Configuration Manager (AP,GL,FA) in the team. Give examples


What is Reporting of financial data in a project.


I have a requirement where during the consolidation into USD (from GBP books) I want use two different exchange rates for two consolidations. Child SOB is same but the Parent SOB's are different. How can this be done in Oracle Financials? Answers will be Appreciable. Thank You.


difference between tds and income tax (India)


Anyone provide the oracle fin/scm definetions