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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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What is TCA and use ?


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For what purpose we assign qualifiers to our segments?

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what is the impact if i wrongly assign the account type to an segment value in oracle apps r12?

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What are the sources of invoice?

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where should Accrual account define in account payable that will affected during Invoicing?

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in Oracle Payable s we are not matching Po how to clear accrual account in P2p cycle?


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Can we use AME for PO approvals ?


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Why do we use Check Positive Pay ?


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What is the Use of Grouping Rule in Receivables ? is it mandatory field ?



While Performing Data Migration from Legacy system to Oracle what are the requisites you will perform as a functional consultant for GL, AP, AR, and PO.


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What is the Process of Reconciliation Between AP to GL



I am working on PPR process to print checks. Currently the checks are printing for each supplier, supplier site and payment method group. My requirement is the invoice level one DFF is available (like A and B are the input values). Please let me know how include this DFF at invoice grouping level.


one employee went on site , we given to him 1000 through prepayment . but i final spends amount is 800, then what about remaining 200 , how can we refund to organisation. through debit memo or credit memo, or , prepayment or if any, please give me best solution , if any one know this question answer reply me this mail,


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HI, once we create the standard invoice then we can get journal entry item expense a/c-dr to liability a.c then item it will reflect through inventory, but liability a/c . it will reflect from GL , it is possible .

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5 major Differences between Translation and Revaluation

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps Financial }

How to do the analysis of discounts lost and fixing the root cause?


What is Work Flow of AP,AR, Sales & Purchase


How do u bridge the gaps in functional understanding of AP,GL,FA. explain with some live examples.


There is employee X and employee Y (who is supervisor of X); when Y submits expenses how will the system ensures that this should not go to X even if he has the approval authority.


What kind of necessary ap information you gather from the client?


What are the types of setups in apps inventory module


I have created an invoice and made the payment in Accounts payable. Now the payment status is Negotiable and accounting status is processed. I reconciled the transaction in Cash Mgmt, The status changed from negotiable to Reconciled in CM. I checked the payment status for the invoice in payment window(AP), the payment status changed to RECONCILED UNACCOUNTED i.e correct but the accounting status is remain processed which is not the correct. I hope the transaction will be correct if the accounting status would have changed to PERTIAL . Please suggest any solution for the above query.


Re: what are the Issue that we face in Gl,PO and AP while Supporting


Describe the key configuration decisions you would need to undertake when implementing the cash management module?


How do write a discoverer report to identify zero dollar suppliers/invoices where the supplier is on hold?


What is the entry in oracle apps ap,ar,gl for following pipe purchase at pipe sales at rs.150


Explain Customization process?


I am currently working in reputed Org as a Oracle apps end user (AR). Learned R12 functional course, but no real time exp as in support or implementation project.Please guide. thank you.


how service tax work.


What is meaning of deprecation?