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Oracle Apps Financial Interview Questions
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Can any one tell me Client Interaction?

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What is the Customization? Can any one tell me with examples in Real time scenarios?

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what is the tax levels in AP?

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How do we integrate the financial Applications(Modules) in the Multi Organization?

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what is the difference between Revaluation and Translation? what are the steps in GL?


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What are the tables associated with Invoice in AP?

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What is the difference between Rollup Groups and Summary Accounts? What is the use of those?

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Can you please tell me what is there any differece betwen Payables Open Interface Import" Program and the "Payables Invoice Import" program?

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what are the accounting entries which get effected in order to cash cycle

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what is the difference between bonus reserve and bonus expense

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how do u explain what are revaluation reserve, revaluation reserve retired, and revaluation amortization accounts



how do u explain depreciation adjustment, deferred depreciation expense, deferred depreciation reserve


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What is catch up depreciation


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on what basis u have prepared the AIM documents (explain in the detailed manner)


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would anyone tell me what are the expected real time questions in the interviews

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Apps Financial }

What is meaning of deprecation?


How will account an advance of Rs.10000/- which is a permanent prepayment, can I make payment for this?


please explain with examples the below mentioned "Creating the end to end business scenarios and executing the scenarios to perform the regression testing".


Please post the setups required to approve the payable invoice in AP.


Describe the key configuration decisions you would need to undertake when implementing the cash management module?


What is the Use of Grouping Rule in Receivables ? is it mandatory field ?


Explain Customization process?


Re: While you are in implemenation what are u faced the issues ? tell me what some ap & GL issues?


1.what is the name of program to create invoice automatic from po.? 2.How to auto upload the bank statement? 3.PO tax has not flown to invoice . why? Debit memo not generated for return of goods.??


On what different real time issues you worked while doing P2P cycle implementation?


Explain Customer Creation and Maintenance Process. Provide samples of customer master records with Payment Terms.


what is the difference between before pages trigger and after parameter trigger in reports ?


There is employee X and employee Y (who is supervisor of X); when Y submits expenses how will the system ensures that this should not go to X even if he has the approval authority.


Explain about Localization (IND & US ) in Oracle Apps ?


What is the Invoicing System in Oracle R12