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Sierra Atlantica Interview Questions
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Which one is the Best approach to put code, among Triggers and Procedures? Explain?

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What are the Major differences between appcore.pll and appcore2.pll

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What are the Major differences bteween key flexfields ,descriptive flexfields

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what is the difference between character mode,bitmap mode

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tell me about severity and priority with example

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requesting to send me a previous placement paper

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what are the optimization techniques for Query optimization performance issues and faster execution of queries

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What is Change and configuration management repositoty

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What is ment by leased asset?

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i have 3 parameters like p1,p2,p3.In p1 i have 2 parameters like a,b.if pass parameter 'a' p2 should be enable and p3 should be disable then if pass parameter 'b' the vice versa.

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how to find the custom directory in front end.

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how to debug the report?

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What are the accounting entries in p2p cycle??

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Is it possible to convert QTP scripts to Silk scripts?

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What is a Burn Down Chart in Agile(Scrum) Methodology?

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iam confused among testing ,.net and java. can anybody help me.


Your company code use USD as the company currency. You are trying to post to an account in EUR but get an error message that you can see the problem. What is the reason?( any 1 answer) • The currency maintained in the account master record is USD • The translation rate between EUR and USD is NOT maintained • The only balances in local currency indictor is set in the account. • The account determination for exchange rate difference is missing for the account


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A thread has to access the address space of all other threads in the same process and can therefore mess up the stacks of other threads. Why is this not a protection problem? Could the same be allowed to occur for processes, e.g. one process writing data into the stack of other.


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i have selected jr. accountant/ auditor in ssc graduate level 2008 scheme b. but i have not yet received deptt. memo and also appointment letter. when it will be come??? how much time???


I told my process chains nearly 600 are there he asked me how can u monitor I told him I will see in rspcm and bwccms he asked is there any third party tools is there to see? Any tools are there to see tell me what it is


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Sierra Atlantica Interview Questions
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