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Instrumentation Interview Questions
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Sir, my yokugava FF TYPE LEVEL transmitter us bad, i don't have spares available, i want to replace it with a Rosemount FF transmitter, please tell me what procedure to be followed and what changes to be done in dcs part.

BPCL Bharat Petroleum, OEG,

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In my plant I want to mount a steam flow transmitter .Flow nozzel is already mounted in steam line .So how can i know the range to put in flow transmitter?

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What you mean by multi stage control vavles?


Can we get the outpot in c without using getch fiction? Answer is yes but output will stay on display 4 only few second.... But can we get output without using getch and also output will hold on the display...?

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Why we. Don't measure current in parallel? Why we measure current in series and why we measure voltage in parallel only?

Almeer Technical Services,

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if found error in magnetic flow meter?how can we adjust?

ANI Instruments, Techint,

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what is mass flow meter, working principle of mass flow meter and its installation.

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I have one problem for masoneilan displacer type LT.I give some imformation in data shéet given for liquid level range 0 to 600 mm and sg .955 problem is 0% is ok 25%(23%) or 50%(48%)and 75%(73%) and 100% is ok this is up value and down value all ok so please halpe me

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How to calibrate radar type level transmitter for interface level? Total liquid(liq.1 and liq.2), level both the liq individually? For. Both the liquid levels how the signal will go from transmitter to dcs? How to calibrate. Single radar 9:26:55 AM for 2 different liquids in a tank?

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my temperature transmitter in field showing 700 degree , whereas in dcs showing 459 degree, how to resolve this?


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Controller not working in auto mode?...what are the problem can occur...Pls explain


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Yokogawa mass flow meter shows negative reading...what r the main causes for this problem?...


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How does temperature bath work? How does coil gets heated only by applying some current?

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In bimetallic temp. Gauges why does metal strip bend? Why do we use low expansion factor metal and high expansion factor metal in bimetaliv strip?

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In control valves (like feed water control valve) we will give 3 kg pressure and how it controls 110 kg of water pressure?


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What is hp & mp seperator .& what is its working principle ?


which type of zones used for boiler? & why ?


How addressable fire systems work? Pl. send details with architect.(Loop), also send details regarding Gas system. Pl. help me.Thanks


How many types of sensor


what does it mean an active front end in vfd plz explain it briefly


Senior engineer's please help me, what is Loop Checking and Loop test? and write difference also? soon urgent


can any one tell me when ongc placement test and its forms is available????/ pls tell me if u know


How will you calibrate an Absolute Pr.Transmitter of range 400mmHg absolute ?


How to erection of DCS Panel at site step by step


Explain the working of an electronic level troll.


Which are all the commonly used Bordon tubes in the pressure gauges. Do any one use ASTM A 312 tubes for this purpose?


Define cryogenic?


How to work temperature gauge?


Why grounding is necessary? Give example with diagram.


how to calculate orifice sizing? and tell me if pipe size bet 50mm t0 200mm then we can use pipe flange??? and above 250mm pipe size should i use D & D/2 Flange? is it right or wrong?