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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is Revenue Recognition? It's relevance with SAP SD module along with it's detailed configuration procedure & steps?

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In DownPayment Request processing suppose let us take a scenario where in customer has to pay 1 lacs rupees . He already paid some 30,000 rupees. In such a case how do you know to which G/L account this partial amount is posted to?/ How we will come to know that which G/L account has been determined for this Total amount as well for Partial amount in DownPayment Procedure in SAP SD.Please provide detailed answer.


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Is there any link/ Connection/ Integration between Stock Transport Order & Third Party process? Provide detailed answer. Thanks in advance.


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How is shipment cost calculated? Give detailed explantion with Configuration Procedure , Steps, T-codes etc Regards


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In Pricing Suppose we went to VK11 and in PR00 condition type if we gave value as Rs 100 /- then we have raised an sales order. Again we have gone to VK12 t-code and changed tyhe amount to Rs 120/- and changed the validity period as current date then in delivery & Billing documents which price the system takes into account i.e Rs100 or Rs120? Give a detailed explanation & logic to substantiate your answer. I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Thanks& Regards


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What do you mean by Multidimensional Pricing? Also what do you mean by Two dimensional Pricing? Explain in detail with help of Business Scenarios & live examples.


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In a Third Party Order Process how does the business knows whether the goods have been delivered to the customer or not? Plz provide logical answer to this question


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In SAP SD can any one tell me ,, 1:- What is unit test and what is integration test??? 2:- In end user training is there any perticular steps have to follow,or any one tell me what are the steps..???


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when i try to release the document to G/L account using vf02 by clicking flag getting error msg : account 800000 requires an assignment to CO object, pls guide me detail step by step process to resolve this issue

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what is document flow? and in which table document flow data wil be store? its a recently asked question from wipro technologies. so pls guide me in detail

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with two sales organization, two distribution channel and two division howmany sales areawe can prepare.


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what is the requirement column contains in pricing table.Please explain with example.

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What is Business Blue Print Phase? Have you worked on this topic with your client?Have you conducted workshops on Business Blue Print? In Workshops what they will do in BBP stage? Explain in detail with reference to your client? I have been asked this question in an recent interview? Please give answer with reference to your Project/ Client along with detailed explanation & examples? Please give answers asap....Waiting for your reply eagerly... Thanks in Advance.

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Explain me about Service Order Management, its Configuration, Customization,detailed procedure,steps along with paths & t-codes in detail? Please provide answer to this question asap..... Thanks & Regards

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Explain in detail about the Pricing Reports you have generated for your client? Please provide detailed procedure for how to generate Pricing reports along with t- codes, detailed explanation with reference to your client examples. Plz provide answer to this question asap.... Waiting for your reply.... Thanks in advance.. Regards

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Explain how 'human elements' are organized in sd?


what is settlement profile...when i m doing varient configuration i am facing this problem while creating sales order plz explain me......


Have you worked on interfaces? what are the?


What is information structures? What are the basic types of information it (information structure) comprises of?


In R/3 we can represent a company's structure by defining and assigning corporate structure elements. What is the purpose of doing that?


how can I do (config)? if my product category like this 1 product brand exam 101 brand A, 102 brand B 2 product type exam 501 type water, 502 type resin my sale deal is every customer can buy mix product category if buy 400.00 each can get free goods 10.00 each from any product in mix cat exam customer order line brand type quantity 1 101 501 100.00 2 101 502 100.00 3 102 501 100.00 4 102 502 100.00 mean customer meet target can get free 10.00 each but customer can select material in mix category chot trinnamaitip


I created a new info structure and activated update rules for it. What is the best way to transport them into a productive system?


How do you assign movement type?


Can you 'block' a transaction for a material that is 'flagged for deletion'?


In Intercompnay Billing scenario, Does Idocs get posted as we delivery is done from other plant and also the Intercompnay billing happens in the prcess. Though we have the same ERP system i.e. SAP only for all transactions.


What is availability check?


What is a sales organization?


How revenue account is determined? Answer: g/l account sales revenue sales deductions


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Can you combine orders into one invoice?