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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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how can you design copy control?


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what is the overview of sales document type?

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how can you create sale document?

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what do u mean by partner functions? what is partner determination?

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what is meaning of back ground processing? and is there any other t code for pgi except vl02n?

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Which tool used in SAP Implementation


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Which Tool do u use in Testing?


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1. what is functional spec and how it should be in ur project? 2 wt is the gaps (gap analysis) in ur projectat realization stsge? 3 wt r the different pricing procedures in ur projct ? 4 wt r the routines u create at ur project?


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Without picking can we do the post goods issue?


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Hi Can any one of you provide me with 2-3 gaps which you have identified in your SAP SD Implementation Project and how did you filled them? Please do not give a theoretical answer. Furnish the details of gaps identified by you and how did you filled them? Thankx in advance.

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Hi, Suppose if the end user's problem has to be resolved by using development server or (in other words (IMG Server)then how can we help end user in resolving the error/ ticket? Who will have authorization to work in IMG server & get resolution for end user's error? As a support consultant how can we help the end user in resolving the issue in such a case?

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1:-In revenue account determination the material assignment group and customer assignemnt group are the mandatory fundtion ya optional function. 2:- In Pricing procedure control date field there is one tab for Alt Cond Type . what is the use of it?? 3:- Please tell me the accounting posting in Cash sale ?? where the accouting posting like CPCRA Credit posting to Customer receivable accout. ??Debit goes to??


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can we maintain schedulines in the ddelivery


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Output should not print invoice for perticular customer

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How many types of Third Party Sales orders are there? Explain in detail? / What are different types of Third Party Sales Order Processes available in SAP SD Module? Give Examples if any.Please give detailed steps & Process. I have been asked this question in a recent interview.


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How do we transfer stocks under one company code from plant to plant?


What is a field catalog?


What do you understand by intercompany customers and one-time customer?


9. Any three major issues faced in the support project? what kind of issues they were


customer hierarchy in sap sd for account determination


what is puchase life cycle?


How is credit control determined in sap?


The pl00 condition is fine in delivery. But when we try to print to either the screen or printer, an error v1032 occurs. Why?


What is sales office? How do you set up sales office?


Is sap transportation management a module within sap erp or a stand-alone system? : transportation management


What is availability check?




Hi,In transportation while am creating shipment cost document am getting this error "forward shipment cost items incorrect" kindly any one answer me.thanks in adv


Tell me your Current client's organization structure in relation to SAP SD in your project? Draw / illustrate with a diagram.I have been asked this question in an recent interview. Please reply asap... Eagerly awaiting for your response? Thanks in advance.


When you create a credit memo request do you always have to refer to a sales order or any other previous document?