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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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what is pricing? how will it affects the billing procedure?

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all viewers i tell one thing pls dont write negitible answers pls this is advice for all of thank u

SAP Labs,


3. Whether Free goods should be determined or not for a Sales Order?

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what are the differences between invoice and billing document?

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Thies is warning message how is it that i can make it as error message.Where do i make it scenario is outbound delivery quantity is more than that of the sales order quantity and this message appears as warning "Delivery quantity is greater than target quantity & &" I want it make as error message

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i recently faced a question in satyam that what are the documents that we maintain in support project please help me in this regard


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in recent interview they asked me, what is ur batch process please help me


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HI I have defined net value "zpp" in teh incompletion log. Scenario; I have rejected a particular line in sales order and cos of in completetion lof of zpp it doesnt allow me save it or process further cos in teh incompletion log it shows me taht i hav eto maintain value of ZPP (Netvalue) though it is a rejected line. is there any way where in rejected line shouldnt show any incompleteness... pls guide me on this .

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what is document flow?

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can anyone give information about basic real time questions ?


What are the condition conversion and customer/material conversion in the Organization structure, how do you nevigate? Please answer with example.

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Hi, I am peeyush Samaria. I have completed my MCSE in 2001. i Hve done my business rom 2001 to 2004. then i completed my MBA(I and Marketing). I have 3 yrs exp. in software co. as a Business development Manager. now i want to join SAP(SD) Module from CDA Noida. so tell me it is good decision for me.

SAP Labs,

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tell me the business processes you map ? and its configuration


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tell me @ account key and accruals ?


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what is your role in blueprint ?


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I have 7+years of experience in sales & Marketing, I recently completed my SAP SD training and now I'm looking for job on the same prior that if someone help in getting real-time training will be great helI'm Ready to join as trainee for 3-6 months for handsome of experience with or without stipend. Thanks in advance Vishnu


Do you know what is made to order scenario or make-to-stock scenario? SO, in the make-to-order scenario, what’s the integration touchpoint that you figure MRP? My question is when you have a make-to-order scenario, how does MRP will be figured? How system know that when you create a sale order whether the sale order is calling for make to order or make to the stock type of order, which data determined this is made to order make to stock…. The system should understand when I create an order, whether it’s made to order or make to stock, so which parameter which value that system will be determined based on that system will say okay this make to order so I need to I mean the system has to go to the next level then it’s going to the MRP all the subsequent planning will be taken taking place, what’s the parameter that we have to check?


Give me examples for Medium Priority & High Priority Tickets from your support project? Give detailed error message/ issue ,your analysis,finally how did you resolve that ticket along with detailed procedure & explanation and t-codes if any? I have an interview in immediate future so plzz help me...Please reply asap... Urgent!!!! Waiting for your response eagerly... Thanks in advance


Can I view the invoice due date (jan 16, 2006) in the invoice?


What is availability check? When and at what level is availability check carried out?


Hi All, Currently I have been working on SD module, but want to upgrade my skill with SAP TM OR SAP MDG, But having some double mind on it. please suggest which module (TM OR MDG) I should go with. Thanks & Regards, Arun


What is product attributes in sap sd?


How do you determine the 'route' in sales and distribution?


Can you copy condition records? If yes, are there any restrictions?


What is the importance of customer account groups?


Name the influencing factors for pricing procedure determination during sales order entry?


What are the common transport errors in sap ? : transportation management


What is the organizational structure in sales and distribution?


How to set the Customer Specific Delivery Date in sales order. Ex. If Customer requested that they required a delivery only on Friday.


What is pricing in sales and distribution? Explain?