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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I want to give discount on a particular item, if a specific item is purchased. i.e., for ex: if a TV set was purchased, and a DVD player also purchased by the customer, i want to give disount on the DVD player. How to set the price condition for this scenario.

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Is it possible to save incomplete document?


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What is the advantage of using the text as a reference instead of duplicating it?

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What is Item Category Control?


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What are the fields in pricing procedure?

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What is the link between credit management and subtotals? How they are related?


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In R/3,is it possible to substitute one product for another? If so, how it can be achieved?


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What is the difference between Static and Dynamic Credit Check?


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What is meant by Variant Configuration?

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What is the functionality of negative posting in Billing document?


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What are the differences between billing document and invoice?


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What is Replenishment lead time?

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Tell me some of item categories?


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What is consumption based planning?


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Is it possible to create new sales order types?


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What is the purpose of text determination, account determination, partner determination, output determination, storage location determination.


Hi , I am 38 Yrs old and having 10 years of experience in trading industries like Computer hardware,software and steels and education field .I am having some exp of working in SAP as core team also. i want to know is there any limitations of AGE in SAP .


What is a sap transport group? : transportation management


What is open and close posting periods?


What is a shipping point, loading point?


How does SD and MM integration…. Let’s say when I post a good issue when you do delivery confirmation but it’s nothing, what happened during PGI in the system?


Can anyone tell me who creates Customer Material Info Record in Live Scenraios? DO SAP SD Consultants are responsible for this?


PRICING…… I have a requirement where I have a fright condition which is a header condition for the whole document, I will be maintaining the fright condition recorder (header level) because it’s header condition, now the requirement is if I want to have 5 conditions to be calculated for each item because let’s say I have 5 line items, I want to see how the side calculated first of each item so what’s the best way to take out that out of the system in standard configuration, how can we achieve this?..... REPEATING question (I have a fright condition, now fright condition is a header condition, now my requirement is I wanted to applied that fright condition each line item level so fright condition applies a header level but my requirement is I want to see each and every line item should also get this fright condition on the value of the item, let’s say my fright is $100 so I have 5 line item, each item has the 10 10 10… so build on that value I want to purpurnate the fright condition, how can we achieve this from the standard system configuration stand point?


What is sales office? How do you set up sales office?


When you create an invoice can you carry out pricing again?


How many clients we will create in land scape (like in development server, quality server, production server )


what is the purpose of sales document types/


what is the difference between sd account key and fi account key?what si a variant and its use?


Can you configure two diff free goods items for one single item?


What is sap sd?