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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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Why does the customer master have different views?


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What are the different partner functions can a customer master record serve?


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Tell me some different partner functions?


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Is it possible to assign a material to more than one division?

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Material type means.? Can you tell me a few?


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Tell me some of the views of material master record?

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Bill of material means?

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BOM used in which modules?

Bashundhara Group, IBM,

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IBM, Vmoksha, Wipro,

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Work center?


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Valuation class?

IBM, Numero Uno,

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Diff. between inquiry and quotation?

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Can you copy one inquiry to many quotations?


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Incomplete log?

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Is it possible with 2 quotations one sales order

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) }

Explain the relationship between sales organizations, plants and company codes.


What is a 'distribution channel'?


What is the difference between sd account key and fi account key?


Hi, i'm a professional from hotel industry and looking forward for a better career in the field of SAP>> i visited some of the local institues where i was suggested that i too can try for SAP>>SD as my experience is related to FOOD and Beverage dept that sell food and drink and organises party to the customers in the hotel and also have experience in Banquet and conference sales...therefore related to sales...basic reason of changing my field is to earn better salary....can somebody put some suggestions to me on this.Thanx.


What is the importance of customer account groups?


How many sales document types?


Which block stops the system from creating the picking list?


What is meant by transfer of data from legacy code to sap?


Hi my name is subharajyoti and i have 6 yrs of exp in technical sale and at present doing sd module trainig in bangalore, i am looking for exp in real time projects, pls help me out


what is consignment stock process?


What are some pricing routines and sd functional specs?


How do you create sales organisation?


In what manner copy control transition can be done?


Sir, I'Ve interview with IBM . I want few SAP-SD real time tickets and its solution .Its urgent. Plz help me . thanks in Advance


What are the various qualifier option or what are the various import options? : transportation management