SAP SD Interview Questions
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Why does the customer master have different views?


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What are the different partner functions can a customer master record serve?


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Tell me some different partner functions?


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Is it possible to assign a material to more than one division?

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Material type means.? Can you tell me a few?


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Tell me some of the views of material master record?

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Bill of material means?

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BOM used in which modules?

IBM, Bashundhara Group,

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Wipro, IBM, Vmoksha,

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Work center?


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Valuation class?

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Diff. between inquiry and quotation?

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Can you copy one inquiry to many quotations?


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Incomplete log?

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Is it possible with 2 quotations one sales order

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What is the organizational structure in sales and distribution?


in material sub stution when we sell the sub stute material with main item price it will display the list of materials with main price or only one substute material is substuted automatically in first senario i practed it will display the list of materials but price taking it's oown 2 case substute item is picking main item price but it is possible for only one substute item only.may question is it possible to display list of material case 2?thanking you in advance


i faced one question. when new configuration we do what is the logic behind there?


How can you make some of the fields as key field in generic tables?


Which block stops the system from creating the picking list?


Hi I am srinivas. I trained sap sd course. I know all transaction codes and tables as per bookish knowledge. But I don't know which t-codes and tables we use in real time. So i want to know the t-codes and tables in real time. pls help me. Thank u. Srinivas


Explain the term "fit gap analysis"?


Name at least five features that you can control for the sale document type?


Hello friends, I recently got certified in SAP SD module and looking for new openings as a fresher. I have more than 4 years of experience in Channel Sales and Distribution. Currently looking for a job in the area of SAP SD. Please suggest?


What is the transaction code for assigning company code to fiscal year variant.


how you can include condition type in the pricing procedure?


Can anyone tell about types of free goods?


how can I do (config)? if my product category like this 1 product brand exam 101 brand A, 102 brand B 2 product type exam 501 type water, 502 type resin my sale deal is every customer can buy mix product category if buy 400.00 each can get free goods 10.00 each from any product in mix cat exam customer order line brand type quantity 1 101 501 100.00 2 101 502 100.00 3 102 501 100.00 4 102 502 100.00 mean customer meet target can get free 10.00 each but customer can select material in mix category chot trinnamaitip


what of issues/tickets face genrally in real time


What are the customizing settings in pricing procedure for tax condition type?