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SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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I have four different Reliance stores with four different customer numbers. Now I want to maintain Total Credit limit of Rs.100000 for all four stores. How can I overcome this issue.


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At the time of VT01n how systems brings list of deliveries. Based on what settings it will triggered

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Can we see the condition supplemental that already has been applied in a pricing procedure? If possible then from where it we can able to see?


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I have created a sales order for 4 line items,I have created a delivery and I did the goods issue and when I am trying to create billing document , 2 invoices are created , what would be the cause?

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One customer is there, customer is purchasing from Company Code A and this company is having Company Code B also ,this customer is purchasing from Company Code A and he also wants to purchase from Company Code B ,so do you need to create a new customer ?

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If you go to Customer Master ,Sales Area Data,Billing Tab you get the Account Assignment Group, So what is the use of the same? Is Account Assignment Group is mandatory master record or non mandatory ? So if Account Assignment Group is mandatory so without it you cannot do Account Determination ?


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Hi all i have 4.8yr exp in sales am plan to go SAP SD. Today any opportunity's is there in SD. or wasting time for preparing this course please help me friends

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What are the requirement you have gathered from your client and what type of business process your client had?


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How many tickets you have solved till date? can you please elaborate it with solutions?



What is functional specification and tell me some fields in fs template?


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i want to create multiple purchse requisition(pr) to single sales order where is the control?

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in third party process if low risk customers credit limit exceed,where can we block the customers? where is the control?

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After creating sales order user changing the quantity in purchase order ? what happens ? and where is the control?

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in third party process when vendor is delivering the goods to customers which invoice vendor will send along with dispatch and whoose name?    plesase give me solution.....

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How to to create number ranges in billing document  as plant wise


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What is the sap landscape?


Can anyone tell me who creates Customer Material Info Record in Live Scenraios? DO SAP SD Consultants are responsible for this?


What is the relationship between sales organizations and company codes?


What is a fiscal year and fiscal year variant?


What is the difference between the delivery document & scheduling?


What are the various configuration methods available in stms? : transportation management


A Client wants to connect his SAP ECC system to his SAP CRM system. What do you want to do to enable the integration. a)Install the plug-in on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system b)Install the XIF adapter on the CRM system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the ECC system c) Install the XIF adapter in the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system D)Install the plug-in on the ECC system and connect to the R/3 adapter in the CRM system


Explain what is sql override for a source table in a mapping?


What is the transaction code for creating a material in sap and what is the transaction code to extend a material?


Can we configure third party skus to consignment process.


What is the difference between transaction data and master data?


What is sap transport domain? : transportation management


Define to which organizational element is central in shipping?


what is the use of delivery and billing documents header and item