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What do you look for in a job?

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If there is a day, when you find yourself not fitting in our team, what will you do?


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What do you like and dislike about our company?

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What should we hire you? What can you do for us? What can you do that others can not?

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How long would you stay with us?

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What was your last employer?s opinion of you?

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What is it you liked and disliked about your last job?


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How long whould it take you to make a meaningful contribution to our firm?


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1) what is ur short term and long term career plans 2) can u tell me any two reasons , why i should hire u ? 3) why r u looking for change ? 4) what is ur strengths and weakness ?


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Why you are looking for change ?

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Tell me about an innovative approach that you took to accomplish something.

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What was the toughest job challenge you faced and how did you deal with it?

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What has been your biggest accomplishment in the workplace?

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Tell me about a time when you were given bad information (or misinformation). How did you handle it?

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What does success mean to you?

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what considerations might dictate an organization's differing staffing needs at different times?


hi frends iam mba graduate working as DATA ANALYST(USING INFORMATICA). my problem is when iam attending any interview they are asking " you are mba gradute how wil you move software side". how can i tell ? plase give me guidence?


why there is a gap of 1 year in your academics (after intermediate)?


Hi. I had attended an interview with Polaris in the month of 24th April 2014. I got selected and a pay discussion too.. I had submitted all my documents to the HR person. But, I did not get any response after that. They did not respond to calls or mails or msgs. So, I heard of a walk-in drive happening on June 14th. I decided to walk-in to know about my candidature status. They told me that a candidature of an selected candidate who did not receive an offer letter, expires in a month's time. So, my candidature has expired and I will have to attend an interview again. But, HR personnel told me that they'll inform the interviewers that I'll be prioritised as I was already shortlisted. I attended the interview again and got shortlisted again. Again, they conducted a salary discussion and asked for my documents again. I submitted scanned copy of all the documents the same day by mail. Even this time I did not get any response from them. Its 15 days now and I have not got even a call or a mail stating any delay or assuring the offer letter.. I'm in a professional break for a year(for personal reasons), after working for 8 years. I'm doubting that, this could be the only reason they put on hold every time. Please help in finding me why am I not getting the offer?


what is the infotype for repairment?


I have applied to accenture in-person and they have scheduled me interview at 26thjuly but they have not shared me venue details and still my candidate status is showing as "scheduled for weeken walkin"? what should i do now?


What are you looking for in MMTTS ?


Questions on the projects listed on the Resume.


Is there anyone else in your set of peers or friends who you would like to recommend as a great candidate for Software Development positions at Microsoft? If so, please list their name and email address below.


At what level u r Expected to be placed in the organisation?


can pls help me to put my first step into testing field.. pls inform me abt d openings/jobsites in india mainly on manual testing... thnx


what is datamapping in hrms? i want detail information about API in hrms?


inbound process belongs to software development process


Thru forms im able to view each employees Pay details in tab (Salary and Entries) but when i run Payroll report i am unable to view the output over the screen nor printout


Hello, I have attened interview on Selenium and I cleared technical,Hr round in accenture through Sourceone Consultancy on 23,July,2011.I send all my documets and EAF and BG forms.They told me that we will send offer letter next day .but they did n't send offer letter till now ...Can anyone please comment on this