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Oberoi Interview Questions
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How do you define success?

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i can attended a cabin crew interview they ask me to tell me about.i have working as front office executive in an electronic firm they ask me how can me manage a front office i didn't give any answer because i am afraid so pls give me help how can i answer these questions


List some of the leadership roles you have had in the past?

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why you join the hotel industry?

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why u have join hotel industry

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which is the largest hotel chain in india? which is the leading airline s in india and the world ?

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why you have join hotel industry

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wat r liquers

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why you join fnb service department?

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Tell me about tourism industry in India?

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what is red flag symbolise to

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why did you choose this career?

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which is the world's costliest vodka??? and why??

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How Load Factor, Demand Factor, Diversity Factor etc best applied in designing an electrical circuit? Is it allowed to consider these factors in each and every panel in an electrical distribution system? Can any body suggest a good book for reference?


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If more than rated DC voltage appears across trip coil of the breaker, what will happen? e.g. in 110V DC circuit system, if voltage across battery terminal showing 121 V


how to modify 12% to 13.5% in tallyerp9 release 1.6


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How communication happens in between weblogic and web server?


What is Analysis Services?


being an electrical engineer why you wanna come into software i have an very good academics what answer i have to give


what is the differance between BYVAL,BYREF?


What is Dynamic Binding and Dynamic Loss?


10 bit A/D converters,the quantization error in % is??


for example we are login into the irctc server from there it will go to the selected bank and deduct amount and come back to the irctc. so if we are developing this in java means will it be run on the same session. but as per my knowledge bank is separate and irctc is separate URL's so it will use two different sessions then how it is maintaining same session through out application and even it uses the payment gateway? how it is working can any one help me on that??


describe different skills required for a manager and pesponsibilities of a professional manager.


how to calibrate the RM 800


what is current check gurd relay?


residential buildings,mixing of concrete,structural,construction material,site handling.


What are RC and L/R time constants? What is their significance?


Oberoi Interview Questions
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