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Oberoi Interview Questions
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How do you define success?

26 52854

List 5 words that best Describe your strengths?

29 230007

i can attended a cabin crew interview they ask me to tell me about.i have working as front office executive in an electronic firm they ask me how can me manage a front office i didn't give any answer because i am afraid so pls give me help how can i answer these questions


List some of the leadership roles you have had in the past?

1 8837

why do you want to join our hotel

17 95348

why you join the hotel industry?

48 230981

why u have join hotel industry

19 46247

which is the largest hotel chain in india? which is the leading airline s in india and the world ?

2 15910

why you have join hotel industry

13 17716

wat r liquers

10 9071

why you join fnb service department?

3 20415

Tell me about tourism industry in India?

3 8576

what is red flag symbolise to

5 7849

why did you choose this career?

1 4612

which is the world's costliest vodka??? and why??

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