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why should i hire u

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Urgent Openings for Java and .NET ( India, Singapore, Australia, Japan)


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How to connect to ms word wit VB ojective is to prepare s/w to generate question paper , selects questions randomly from the ms access , database



what do you meant by Platform-Independent in Java?


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why Java is not purely object oriented?


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What do you meant by Runtime Polymorphism?


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Difference between abstract class and Interfaces in Java

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How to call static method in Java?


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Java is called as pure objerct oriented programming language, where as c++ is not completely object oriented.can any explain the detailed differenec between these two

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Artficial language is provided which of the language?

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Fortran cannot have value by reference True or False?

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Piggy backing is a technique for a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgement d) retransmition

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What is the requirement in MIMD ?


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given a height balanced tree. If we add one more node , how many nodes gets unbalanced ?


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Given a arbitrary pointer to an element in a singly linked list?what is the time complexity for its deletion .


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How to create a new dataset only duplicate observations in proc sort procedure?


what is delegate and delegation model give the real live example on delegate model


What is autocall macro and how to create autocall macro? what is the use of it?


hi i m deepak my shedule for NIC pi is 17 Apr please contact me if anybody has interview on same day or give me some idea who have faced


why we use mantis? what u mean mantis in IT trends? addvantages of mantis?


How to change the color of a cell or a row in a datagrid on mouse hover using javascript/.net


Can we write a method in JSP.If so how?


Suppose we are doing 4 operations on database using service, first operation is successful but due to some reason remaining 3 operations are failed. I) is this transaction successful or not? ii) How can you give that error message to user?


What is WEB 3.0? What are the features their in WEB3.0


hai i am prasanna.I am MCA 2009 fresher.tell me about certifications.which certification helps me to improve my carrier and to get a technically oriented job ,which certification helps to get job faster.


is it possible to desable particular parameter of the normal orcle report based on some condition ?????? if yes,wht is the function for desabling a parameter...


how do we provide security for web services


Explain the types of operations? Draw the figure for shift and rotate operations?


why we use abstract in awt?


write algo for cobol program whichuse three flat file to extract some specific information 8 marks mainframe