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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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Please describe an example where you used object orientation in one of your programs.


How to display questions one by one in jsp and I wants to store the answers in my database?


Is the IT field raise again? What is the position of IT after 4 years?


Bonjour, svp je veut voir comment envoyer un mail en java et comment changer le droit d'accé d'un fichier en java: de lecture en lecture/écriture et merci d'avance ;)


hi..this is kartheek..complted mca in 2009..but i dont have knowledge in programing..but to learn new language.. which one is suitable for me?is SAP or IBM mainframes is suitable for me..?if it suits how much will it costs..?pls answer...


What Is The Difeerence Between C & C++


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Hi all... I had completed MSC(Computer) and had join the construction company based on sap.they want me to work on abap.but software company is totally different from construction company and they want me 2 grasp it as fast i can.i am finding it difficult.what should i do??????


what is posix?


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shall we execute our java programmes in jre


Crystal report proffessional 9 to filter the issue date!!

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. With the help of above table EMP, perform the following operation is sql. a) Add the new column “DEPTNO” b) Rename the table c) Update table d) Modify the table if column ‘SAL’ whose data type is number (10) and you want to enter varchar2 (15) . For example $USD 20 etc.

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how to get second highest salary from a employee table and how get a 5th highest salary from a employee table by using proc sql?



which is the best institute for testing tools in hyderabad?

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My Qualification is MCA.My interview is on 5th may.They may ask q as------AS u r MCA...Why u r not tring anywhere else? What can be the ans?

State Bank Of India SBI,


Which language they use during interview?

State Bank Of India SBI,


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What is easiest way to get the PL/i compiler,I didn't have found the compiler in my library. Is there any extra cost if we want to access the PL/1 programs?Actually we r having Mainframe rented training Ids


how do i add a column dynamically in a table by using java application?


5.Call by value and Call by reference with program?


Iam using Microsoft Visual Studio to create a system for mobile store I want to know how to calculate mobile price that the customer buy and how to reduce quantity from the data base that we have for mobile .And also how to calculate revnue for each mobile and revnue for the total mobile


the systematic access of small computers in a distributed data processing system is referred as?


What ports must be open for DCOM over a firewall? What is the purpose of Port 135?


I m Abdullah Ansari compleated MCA from Jamia Hamdard,i have appeared the test of IBM on 2 august at oxford college of engineering Bangalore.waiting for hr round.. This is the first round for IBM.02/08/08 Paper consists of 4 sections 15 questions from matrices(time very less but no negative marking). 25 questions from series completion section (this section is very easy but negative marking) 15 questions from aptitude(little bit tough time limit 15 minute negative marking) 4th section is from computer science (c,c++,operating system,digital electronics ,basic question..) result came at 3 o'clock.i was selected... In interview they asked questions like 1 they asked about final yr project.. 2 what are dynamic and static memory location? 3 linked list and array difference between them. 4 what is function ? what is difference betwen function and inline function? 5 about structure 6 about binary tree, traversal, call by value. 7 storage class and many more basic questions..


What is web.configuration? how is it work? & wht is use this?


what do u mean by tagging


what is the basic and unique feature of dotnet


SAS question: I have 50 fils a1,a2,...,a50. the primary key is upc. then if i want to merge all 50 files, the code is as follows, data test; merge a1 ... a50; by upc; run; we know that writing all 50 files name is time consuming, is there any standard format of this code?


what is programmable BIST in today ic design


When we have two versions of the dot net installed how does the compiler know which version of DLL it has to select to an application.


How to print No.of.rows affected after updation using ADO.Net


How to set on/off a group of indicators in a single statement?