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Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi friends :) This Company Aptitude Questions were much easy. i have attended the interview but was not selected in the HR round. they used to ask questions like puzzles, English, fill up the sentence. for example : they asked one question like suraj, kumar, santhosh, ranga and ashwin are professionals in different fields. suraj is a doctor. kumar is not a musician.ranga is working as engineer. ashwin is from goa. santhosh is from chennai. suraj and ranga are not from delhi. find out who is working in which field and where are they from? it was not the exact question. i answered that question with correct answer. just thorough with SQL queries. they are much interested in that. i cleared Technical round where they asked me to write a C code for checking, if the given word is palindrome or not. also they asked 2 puzzle question to solve in front of them. then the asked SQL query for referring two tables. then, they sent me for HR round. i got little nervous in that round. so, could not answer them properly. In Hr round, they may ask Technical Questions. i was asked only Technical Questions in HR round. they asked questions from SQL queries and my project. i could not answer for the questions perfectly. so, i was not selected. anyway, try to be thorough with these info and rock in your interview. Thanks :)



73. How can you set the status and title for a modal dialog box? a) In the attributes of the corresponding screen. b) Before the corresp. call screen statement. c) In a PBO module of the corresponding screen. d) In the PAI module of the corresponding screen.

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what is the abap/4

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what is the maximam caption size of lebel

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I am taking the bmc control m/enterprise manager 7.0 scheduling test and just wanted to see what kind of questions they would ask or if anyone has taken the test and how long it is for how many questions?


why you have to became a software developer?

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in cobol,wat is the difference in using 'set index in occurs clause' ....and 'occurs depending-on clause'



how do you generate source code for the automatic generation for receipt number


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what is the difference between primary key and unique key?

KTree, TCS,

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There are 3 jars containing two types of round marbles. One jar contains only red marbles, one jar contains only blue marbles and the third jar contains a mix of both red and blue marbles. Although the jars are labeled “red”, “blue” and “mixed” – all the jars are mislabeled. How many marbles would you have to pull out, and out of which jars, to find out how to fix the labels correctly?


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What is easiest way to get the PL/i compiler,I didn't have found the compiler in my library. Is there any extra cost if we want to access the PL/1 programs?Actually we r having Mainframe rented training Ids


differences between qtp10.0 and 11.0 ?


Suppose we are doing 4 operations on database using service, first operation is successful but due to some reason remaining 3 operations are failed. I) is this transaction successful or not? ii) How can you give that error message to user?


Hello all, My name is Nrupali, am a fresher, i know C language beginner. dont have any experience. planning to learn Php. let me know which language should i choose to learn or for salary purpose and growth??? kindly help me to take decision. thanks

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what is the difference between set and append?


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Differevce between arrays and array builders?


Is the IT field raise again? What is the position of IT after 4 years?


hi, all this is shoba m.c.a . i have learned abap but no oppurtunities right now as fresher , right now i want to learn any course on demand any one pls suggest me good course and institute in hyderabad


1) How can u create the table?


in teradata level primary in table level allows duplicates why?


One boy has to climb steps. He can climb 1 or 2 steps at a time. Write a function that will returns number of way a boy can climb the steps. Int WaytoSteps(int n) (eg:- suppose number of steps is n=4 ,the function will return 5 (one-one-one-one ,one-one-two, one-two-one-,two-one-one, two-two)




I am work in it aompenei


Difference between delegates and Events?


Suppose server object is not loaded into the memory, and the client request for it , what will happen?


without selecting individually each field in Action Class from jsp,what is the best process to select as many as field at a time automatically from jsp page by using value object class.


Tell me the jobs for the MCA Fresher in delhi, Noida..


what will we require to build project with the help of oracle


What is %Type,%Rowtype?


any drawback are there in mantis?