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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why has call centers come to india,why dont they be in foreign cuntries?

iTronics, Mphasis,

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i have stammering problem,while giving interview in kirloskar,i stammered a lot,is their any solution so that my stammering problem could be reduced......

Genpact, Kirloskar, NIPA, Spanco,

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hai my name is khan,as i am fresher to this field that is call centre,i want you to help me out in giving my self introduction in brief as how a fresher gives.........

GE Capital, IBM, Sutherland,

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How would you relate your key competencies to this position?

Great Eastern, Redson, Redstone,

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tell something about BPO

CSC, TelePerformance,

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tell me about u r self.

BPO, BWIR, First Indian Corporation, Genpact, HP, N Tech,

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what is callcentre.

Airtel, BPO, Hutch, Infosys,

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Hi im sumukh I have done my B.B.M in 2005-06, My Age is 25 years, is it possible to get job in call centre & B.P.O for my age?

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why do you want to leave previous company?

Barclays, Infosys,

12 18877

What does you think about this company and What do you know about this company? pls explain this

DataCore, Wipro,



Call Centre, Chase, WNS,

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why u looking foer this job

Ness Technologies,

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Being a MCA graduate why you are looking for a call center job?

BPO, Brigade, CFC, Convergys, Genpact, IBM, iEnergizer, Infosys, Quatrro, Rao IIT, Sutherland, Tech Mahindra, Wipro,

25 63603

Tell about your collegeday life

247Customer, Allsec Technologies, BPO, Genpact, GNFC, HCL, Reliance,

29 44421

about hyderabad,techinicl support,friendship, rolemodel.

Genpact, HSBC, Sutherland,

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Un-Answered Questions { Call Centre AllOther }

What kind of a salary are you looking for?


Tell me something about any ur tour?How u enjoy in that tour tell briefly?


How can we define that the person is an intertesting person?


what the daily rutien of sunday


I got a chance in company placement in my university .... The h.r ask several random question on the basis of ur communication skill n grammer... Firstly they ask .. Tell me about urself ? . how was ur school life? Fav. Movie n why . tell the story? How was ur First day in college? Etc....


how did u celebrate your last birth day ?


Why do you want to become a Quality Analysist and what will be your profile in this position?


why dell only ?,


describe one of your memorable day? how is education useful for any body?


How will you manage agents who are more tenured in the organisation and are elder to you ?


What are your KPI’S / KRA's ?


sell to me a perfume..


Do you think that the career opportunity for non-voice bpo is better than voice bpo? : bpo


1. What do you understand by "Quality"? And how much, do you think "Quality" is important and why? 2. What do you mean by "Analyst"? What is the difference between a "Quality Analyst" and a "Quality Controller"?


What's your favorite food tell me how to cook it? So you like to read books, tell me something about the book that you red last time? and you belong in different organizations, tell me what else do you do there and what is this organization that you belong to? ( these are the follow up questions sometimes being asked to prove if you're lying or not, so the tip here's be specific with your answers to make them believe in what you're sayin. These questions are being encountered after answering the question,of telling something about yourself.)