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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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what do you mean by outsocing?


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What is your favorite colour, explain briefly about it for at least 5 min. Every time i am getting strucked with this question. PLease help me friends

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Tell about Indian Culture for at least 5 Min.

Aditya Birla, Aegis, HGS, Jindal, Satna, SEECO, Smart Choice,

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what is mean by bpo

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sppose i am a vodafon customer. and 500 Rs got dedectad from my account without any reason. i m angry than how will you treat with me?


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hey i have been a customer just for two mnths and i was on ur website i need to know about ur mobile offers?


who is your roll model & why?

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Which kind of job you are looking?


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Would you accept if we offer you a lower salary than of your expected salary?


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How will you handle irate customer?

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n rounds will be there in IBM voice based non-tech support?


what is the role of a TL ?

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which is the memorable in ur life?

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factors of gangsterism

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hi i'm fresher for the interviews, we i want to know some topics, like favorites color, favorite places,favorite holiday places,ND role model ,please any budy try to help me pls

Serco, Wipro,

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Un-Answered Questions { Call Centre AllOther }

What would be your advantage in the future if you join now?


how do you relate with your father


Mention the types of call center and what is the difference between them?


Do you know the procedures which should be followed while talking to a customer?


what are some aspects of your present or most recent position that you like?


Im a B.Tech fresher, I have very less marks, Im applying for Tech Support job in call center, how to convince interviewer that I will stick to the job, and not leave the company if i get a SW job?


Please read these words carefully see c sansaar customer university these words used for see mti problem of candidate


Technical like c,c++,Telecommunication


Why we promoted you as senior Team leader


How do you manage your time? Give me a reason of being late?


I have completed my graduation in B.A.(Eco) I have 3 - 4 years experiance in staff (Back office). 2 years in office assistant and 1 year in computer operator. from last 7 months I am doing work as Account assistant. I want to join call center so please tell me how to face the intervies of call centers and how should I have present my job profile to them ?


In my recent interview i was asked what did u do all these years and why are u looking for a job now.(plz help me out to ans dis question as i am a fresher and i finished my masters in 2007 but i was interested in working but my interest was to do business in fd.


Give me full details of about yourself


Can you give me an example of a time when you had to motivate and develop a team in a challenging work environment?


Respected sir,madam this is jyoti ranjan intersted for(BPO/CALLCENTER) so if u would send 2 me all types of BPO/CALLCENTER question then i shall greatfull 2 you.thanking you.