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Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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In Just a minute speech(initial screening) what will be expected from panel member?


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why should i join bpo?


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what is your Favirat color

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21 20497 to convert the below sentence from Active voice to Passive voice. 1. I have been informing you not go outside ?. 2. She has been reading news paper for more than three hours. ?. 3. I have been sending mails to Head Office for many days ?.

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what is the most biggest problem that you ever had in your life,and what did you do to make it right?..


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preventing pop ups in windows xp professional edition


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what is cmc ?

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Hi, I'm from IT Sector, I was working as an Oracle Data Entry, but right now I want to shift my career from IT to BPO Sector. In Interview if the HR asked the reasons for the change from the IT to Bpo Sector, what would be the appropriate answers for this question. Can any one help me out to sort out this solution. Before that , I want to mention that I want to change the sector because i found much facilities i can enjoy if i join BPO sector what i'm not getting at all in IT. So, how should I present myself infront of a HR, pls. help me out, as i have no prior exp. in facing interview in BPO Industries. Thanks in advance.


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Hi, I'm Abhishek from Kolkata, I want to know from this forum, is there any openning in BPO Non-Voice Process in Kolkata, so that I can get the opportunity to engage myself in the BPO Non-Voice Sector. If any body has any news about the openning in non-voice sector in Kolkata, pls. help me out, i'm searching for a job right now.


why you want to join BPO / Call-centre?

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what you did yesterday from morning to till evening?

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how to calculate monthly salary?


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difference between call centre, bpo,ites and itis?

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How will you sell pen?


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Give me a instance when a customer appreciate your service.


Give me an example of how you have dealt with an under-performing team member in the past.


What are your Strengths & What are your Weaknesses ?


Tell me something about your on-the-job training?


HI! I am fresher to call centre and would like to work in this field. Can anyone explain me how to get started as a fresher with no knowledge of interview,group discussion, jam sesion etc.


MY name is Bartlemou (bartek for short)Uzeph Kazmeria I am from poland and one day i want to go on polsfactors IM POLISH AND I KNOW IT :D


whats cmd diskdefargment.


Hello,I would like to know the Technical Test Queries for B.P.O.So please reply to my queries at your earliest possibility.


What are the skills needed for a BPO back-office job?


What according to you is a job like at a call center?


What is the metric RSA?


why i configer to power mangemant?


we have received kishan call centre later, he required 15,500 Rs. sequrity diposit.pls. let me know this sequrity diposit pay complsary.


sell to me a phone....


Objectives and Correlating Incentives Describe a time when you have set objectives and correlating incentives for a member of your team What were you trying to achieve in doing this, what were the objectives? How did you choose the incentives?