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In CMM or CMMI certified organizations,we assess only the standard software processes of the organization. We do not assess the organizations other functional departments like HR or Admin. Then how can we certify the entire organization as CMM level company?? We have assessed only software related activities. Right. There is no relation with other departments like Accounts, HR or Admin. Then how can we claim that the whole company is a CMM certified company?


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what is the advantage of function pointer

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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3


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A C E G H +B D F A I ------------ E F G H D


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Average of a couple 10 years ago was 25. The average remains same after having a child and twins after 3 years. What is the present age of the first child

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how the size of an integer is decided? - is it based on processor or compiler or OS?

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what does data structure mean?

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what are the static variables

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how to print "hai" in c?


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write a C program to print the program itself ?!


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what are the interview question's in the language c


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Study the Following Points: a.One Cannot Take the address of a Bit Field b.bit fields cannot be arrayed c.Bit-Fields are machine Dependant d.Bit-fields cannot be declared as static 1. Which of the Following Statements are true w.r.t Bit- Fields A)a,b&c B)Only a & b C)Only c D)All


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code for quick sort?


why programs in c are running with out #include? some warnings are display in terminal but we execute the program we get answer why? eg: main() { printf("hello world "); }


Write a program that accept anumber in words


to print the salary of an employee according to follwing calculation: Allowances:HRA-20% of BASIC,DA-45% of BASIC,TA-10%. Deductions:EPF-8% of BASIC,LIC-Rs.200/-Prof.Tax:Rs.200/- create c language program?


please give me a VIRTUSA sample palcement papers.... you will only send TECHNICAL SECTION..... that is help for me Advance Thanks........................


Create a structure to specify data on students given below: Roll number, Name, Department, Course, Year of joining Assume that there are not more than 450 students in the college. 1.write a function to print names of all students who joined in a particular year 2.write a function to print the data of a student whose roll number is given


how to build a exercise findig min number of e heap with list imlemented?


Write a program to produce the following output: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Write a C program to help a HiFi’s Restaurant automate its breakfast billing system. Your assignment should implement the following items: a. Show the customer the different breakfast items offered by the HiFi’s Restaurant. b. Allow the customer to select more than one item from the menu. c. Calculate and print the bill to the customer. d. Produce a report to present your complete program and show more sample output. Assume that the HiFi’s Restaurant offers the following breakfast menu: Plain Egg $2.50 Bacon and Egg $3.45 Muffin $2.20 French Toast $2.95 Fruit Basket $3.45 Cereal $0.70 Coffee $1.50 Tea $1.80


Give basis knowledge of web designing ...


what is the basis for selection of arrays or pointers as data structure in a program


what is associativity explain what is the precidence for * and & , * and ++ how the folloing declaration work 1) *&p; 2) *p++;


A banker has a seif with a cipher. Not to forget the cipher, he wants to write it coded as following: each digit to be replaced with the difference of 9 with the current digit. The banker chose a cipher. Decipher it knowing the cipher starts with a digit different than 9. I need to write a program that takes the cipher from the keyboard and prints the new cipher. I thought of the following: Take the input from the keyboard and put it into a string or an array. Go through the object with a for and for each digit other than the first, substract it from 9 and add it to another variable. Print the new variable. Theoretically I thought of it but I don't know much C. Could you give me any kind of hint, whether I am on the right track or not?


application attempts to perform an operation?


Simplify the program segment if X = B then C ← true else C ← false