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In CMM or CMMI certified organizations,we assess only the standard software processes of the organization. We do not assess the organizations other functional departments like HR or Admin. Then how can we certify the entire organization as CMM level company?? We have assessed only software related activities. Right. There is no relation with other departments like Accounts, HR or Admin. Then how can we claim that the whole company is a CMM certified company?


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what is the advantage of function pointer

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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3


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A C E G H +B D F A I ------------ E F G H D


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Average of a couple 10 years ago was 25. The average remains same after having a child and twins after 3 years. What is the present age of the first child

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how the size of an integer is decided? - is it based on processor or compiler or OS?

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what does data structure mean?

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what are the static variables

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how to print "hai" in c?


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write a C program to print the program itself ?!


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what are the interview question's in the language c


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Study the Following Points: a.One Cannot Take the address of a Bit Field b.bit fields cannot be arrayed c.Bit-Fields are machine Dependant d.Bit-fields cannot be declared as static 1. Which of the Following Statements are true w.r.t Bit- Fields A)a,b&c B)Only a & b C)Only c D)All


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what are non standard function in c


Write a program to replace n bits from the position p of the bit representation of an inputted character x with the one's complement. Method invertBit takes 3 parameters x as input character, p as position and n as the number of positions from p. Replace n bits from pth position in 8 bit character x. Then return the characters by inverting the bits.


Write a program to generate a pulse width frequency of your choise,which can be variable by using the digital port of your processor


please help me..... please codes and flowchart plz turbo c lang po yan.....please asap response... 3. Make an astrology program. The user types in his or her birthday (month, day, and year as integer), and the program responds with the user’s zodiac sign, horoscope, and other information related to it. If the user’s birth year falls into a leap year, your program should display an appropriate message for it. NOTES: Conditional Statements: it should be with graphics


write a program for the normal snake games find in most of the mobiles.


Difference between Shallow copy and Deep copy?


show how link list can be used to repersent the following polynomial i) 5x+2


write a c program to print the next of a particular no without using the arithmetic operator or looping statements?


How to write a code for reverse of string without using string functions?


what are # pragma staments?


Write a c program to build a heap method using Pointer to function and pointer to structure ?


Write a client and server program in C language using UDP, where client program interact with the Server as given below: i) The client begins by sending a request to send a string of 8 characters or series of 7 numbers, the server sends back a characters or numbers as per the request of the client. ii) In case of series of 7 numbers: The client sends a multiplication of numbers, to the server. iii) In case of a string of 8 characters: The client sends a reverse order of string to the server.. iv) Server will send an acknowledgment to the client after receiving the correct answer


In c programming typeing to occupy the variables in memory space. if not useing the variable the memory space is wasted.ok, how to avoid the situation..? (the variable is used & notused)


please give me some tips for the placement in the TCS.


write a program to concatenation the string using switch case?