+ A S T R A L
7 2 5 6 1 3

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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3..

Answer / pramod

T=1 N=2 S=3 A=4 L=5 E=6 I=7 R=8 O=9

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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3..

Answer / yfrkgf


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N O S I E R + A S T R A L ---------------- 7 2 5 6 1 3..

Answer / chakkaravarthi ss

0 3 8 4 5 1
6 8 7 1 6 2
7 2 5 6 1 3

0-N, 1-R, 2-L, 3-O, 4-I, 5-E, 6-A, 7-T and 8-S

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